BCBG black off shoulder dress LLS MWOY Miami Gala Witte 2

We did it!

The morning after, we did it.

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I made it.  I made it through 10 weeks of campaigning to raise money for cancer research through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with tons of support and help from loved ones and total strangers.  I am not sure I can really put into words what an incredible experience this has been because honestly, until Saturday, April 20, the night of the grand finale, surrounded by close friends, I absolutely had no idea what a big deal being a nominee and participant in the LLS Man & Woman of the Year Campaign was.

Do you know what WE did?  We raised nearly $10,000, almost TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.  And it was tough.  If you know me personally, you know I prefer not to ask for anything from anyone but I had to ask everyone I know for money and to spread the word.  We sent letters (in the mail!), we wrote blogs, we sent emails and I may or may not have sent some aggressive texts messages and I definitely judged if you didn’t support (just saying, that’s reality).  We posted on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, on LinkedIn.

And you know what else?  At the close of the Champions of Hope Gala after all the nominees had been recognized, after all of the city of Miami’s cheeks had been air-kissed, after every single champagne bottle had been popped and served, I stopped to hug my campaign manager and thank her and she told me, “I think you are the youngest person to have ever gone through with the campaign in South Florida.”  To which I promptly responded, “I am not that young.”  Sure enough, she was right so I need to really thank everyone who helped because we were the youngest network for sure.

Now, being that we were probably the youngest table at the gala, my friends and I could not disappoint and like truly appropriate adults, we held champagne glasses like mics and asked each other “who are you wearing tonight?”  Between the jokes and the Vine-ing (what better opportunity for 6 second videos), we overloaded Instagram and I have news, we cleaned up well!

BCBG black off shoulder dress LLS MWOY Miami Gala Witte 2 BCBG black off shoulder dress LLS MWOY Miami Gala Witte

So, I wore a black, (obviously) slinky BCBG dress that I picked up at Sawgrass Mills Mall, BCBG Outlet.  I was prepared to drop anywhere from $100-200.  I walked into BCBG, the first stop that day, and was done in 30 minutes.  The dress was only $108 originally.  I paid $49, a 55% discount.  The necklace, I picked up at the Loehmann’s in Midtown.  It was originally $49, marked down to $29 with an additional in-store special 20% off, so I paid about $23.  I then pulled out my beautiful Rebecca Minkoff, Bombshell, nude leather (so soft) shoes that were originally $325 that I picked up awhile ago at a Gilt Warehouse sale for $75.

The total for my outfit would’ve been $482, I paid $147.  With that and the almost $10,000 raised – I feel like a winner.  Thank you everyone!!

Also, just found out you can still donate until June 30 through my campaign.  Think we can reach over $10,000?  Donate by clicking the image below.

xo Rae


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