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This is what we call, Wednesday

Ironic art, comfortable decor, complimentary cocktails, mini-cupcakes, giveaways, hairstyling, a photobooth and my boys, Mario and Luigi – yup, Wednesday.


Even better…. Valentine’s Eve.  Whether you’re a lonely or relieved single, a couple waiting 2 hours for an overpriced prix fixe menu or genuinely head over heels in love, the My Theorie  Valentine Tweet-Up was a well planned, lovely event to put your mind off the inevitably long Thursday ahead.  Personally, coming from a hospitality, F&B background Valentine’s Day is like the romance smothered, New Year’s Eve – lots of hype and pressure for an intimate evening.  That sounds risky rather than risque.


Hosted by Miami Fashion Bloggers Ginger Harris of Electric Blogarella, Maria Tettamanti of The Wordy Girl and Martha Dominguez of Princess Martha  and set at the Junior and Hatter Salon in Wynwood, my girlfriend and I participated in a social scavenger hunt while snacking on bite sized red velvet cake and eyeing the original Nintendo NES system with Mario and Luigi just waiting to be played.  Once completed, we were entered into a giveaway for a couple Theorie hair straighteners and complimentary services for future visits to the salon.  I regrettably passed on getting my hair done but Val did and it looked excellent, so much so that we found ourselves in the salon’s photobooth.  For those in attendance, Theorie was also offering 50% off all products purchased at the event.  Miraculously, I abstained from taking advantage but only because a second straightener would just be excessive.

The entire event was F R E E.  With all guests participating in the social scavenger hunt highlighting the event’s dedicated hash tag #ihearttheorie, we provided free promotion to all of our social network connections in exchange for the evening.

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Photo credit: Jipsy Castillo 

Ultimately, this is all estimates, but using Val as the example, she had her hair styled, had two mini cupcakes and three Chambord cocktails.  If a blow out is $35, I’ll estimate getting her hair styled at $15, maybe $3 for the two cupcakes and minimally $10 each for the cocktails.  The approximate total could have been $48.    The entire evening was $3 (tips for the bartender), we found a new salon that we will definitely return to and we tried some amazing hair products worth sharing with you.

xo Rae




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