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they gave me a Reason

FINALLY!  Success.  About two weeks ago I mentioned I wanted a snap back hat.  Magically, last week, I received an email from Reason Clothing with free money in it.  No really, free money.  Man, I love genuinely free money, don’t you?  I also love deals in emails.  So, this genius email drove me straight to their site and boys and girls, this is how I acquired one of two snap backs in one weekend.  They gave me a really good Reason.

I received this email because I had purchased a t-shirt for my brother for Christmas and I would never unsubscribe from a company that sends so few emails and has such great stuff.  The deal was a secret (I’ll never tell, but only because they asked me not to) promo code for a $15 gift card.  Now that I was shopping for myself and not my brother, I went through a lot more of their inventory.  Personally, I think some parody type branding can be cheesy but Reason Clothing is amazing.  They’ve successfully made an edgy, witty (you like that, huh?)  line by choosing some serious brands to mock – dope.

I picked up the HOMIES hat, modeled after the Hermes logo.  The original price of the hat was $28.  I entered my promo code and the hat came down 54% to a ridiculous price of $13.  Given the shipping was a little steep, but you should expect to pay that with smaller boutique stores.  Who cares right, as long as my Homies love me?

homies reason clothing brand snapback

Now the other snapback that’s been all over my Instagram, well, let’s just say I was so excited waiting for the arrival of my hat, I needed a time killer or seat filler and may have wore it home Friday night by accident.  Fortunately, I’ve got it on long term loan until further notice.  Two hats are better than one anyway.

xo Rae

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