amanda macys levis BCBG CK

the couple that saves together stays together

I suppose there comes a point in a relationship where funds are shared.  Even the thought gives me a tiny pang of anxiety but I do know one thing, any potential future companion in my life should indeed enjoy shopping with me, occasionally.

Meanwhile a former coworker, good friend and Chi-town transplant got in touch and said her and her hubby had a Discount Diary worthy shopping spree.  I love to hear it.

Amanda’s man earned himself a little reward from work and got to choose from a selection of gift cards.  He ended up with $150 towards Macy’s.  Commence spree.

For him:

Jonathan picked up two pairs of Levi’s that were buy one get one, half off.  At originally $64 and $58, they totaled $93 instead of $122.  He also got 3 Calvin Klein sweaters that were marked down to $19 (two of them) and $47.50 from $79.50 each.

For her:

Amanda snagged a really cute BCBG for $19.60 from $98, saving $78!

amanda macys levis BCBG CK

Together the damage would’ve been $458.50.  With the markdowns the actual price came to $200.28.  Now, apply that gift card and their grand total was $50.28, saving $408.28 or 89% off!

AND with all her savings, she even donated to my campaign!  Thanks for the support Amanda! <3

xo Rae



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