jasmine's DIY destroyed denim

sincerest form of flattery

One of my oldest friends texted me a little over a week ago about my favorite shorts, referenced in yesterday’s MVP post, the Levi’s high-waisted, destroyed denim from UO.   Jasmine and I often shared clothing woes and shopping strategies as she is also very tall.  She saw them in the pics from the ‘all black everything’ post.  I explained to her I wrote about them awhile ago and had two pairs, but her best bet would probably be to check online.  She thought otherwise.

Upon hearing that the UO shorts were listed as “one size” and that I literally tried on 10 pairs in store because they are not even remotely close to one size fits all, she decided to take matters into her own hands.  After her questions and some examination of the shorts on my part, I told her that they are literally old Levi’s mom jeans that are perfectly cut into shorts.  By the end of the day Jasmine triumphantly texted me and had picked up exactly that, mom jeans.  For only $3.99 at the local thrift shop she got a pair of old Levi’s.

jasmine's DIY destroyed denim 2

She took it to YouTube, checked out a couple tutorials and went to work.  The original price of my first pair of shorts was $44.  At $3.99,  she saved $40.01 or about 90% and they are definitely from the IDENTICAL Levi’s mine are made from.  She totally one-upped me and now you have plenty of options to find the perfect pair for yourself.

xo Rae

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