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I died today, an oxbloody death.  Apparently, THE color this fall is oxblood.  The thought is rather gross to me.  However, I hopped on the oxblood trend today and I am in love.  Although I wish there was a better name, it is the perfect fall color.

I made it a point to wake up and get down to Lincoln Road this morning, October 28 as it was the second day of the Lincoln Road Antique Market and the weather was a PERFECT, breezy 75.  It is every other Sunday through the snow bird season.  Check out some more info and schedule here.

I hadn’t even made it to the ATM yet and I wandered through one of the first booths.  Amid the gator skin, Gucci and Louie V vintage bags and wallets I spotted the oxblood.  I saw the clasps and my eyes lit up. Opened it up and I had myself a vintage oxblood Salvatore Ferragamo clutch.  There is a little wear on the clasps and the outside has the comfortably used look.  I asked the fabulous woman whose booth I was shopping in to hold the bag for me and booked 5 blocks to the ATM.  By the time I returned some other girl was trying to purchase my find and the woman exclaimed, “Told ya, she’d be back.”  Thank you home girl, thank you.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the original price or what I saved.  I found an identical patent leather one go for $100 on eBay.  On an appraisal site I saw another bag estimated to be worth $150-250 resell retail value.  Apparently, the Gancini hardware makes it very desirable.

Who knows?  I sure don’t but I love it!  I paid only $35 for it.  You can barely get a pleather clutch from Aldo for that price!

If anyone knows anyone that can give me some information email me at

xo Rae

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