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Promo codes and free shipping are my GILTy pleasures

With frequent flights, a plethora of electronics and a long commute between a very casual work environment and a slightly more high  maintenance lifestyle, a new day bag/tote/carry-on/personal item/overnight bag seemed to become an increasingly desired item.

Somehow or another, at 27, I am blessed to still receive some money at Christmas.  Even better, like my younger self, I kept in the card in my bedroom as opposed to depositing it and dwindling it away on bills, booze, flights or rainy days at the mall.  I really wanted to put it towards a beautiful purse from a brand I normally wouldn’t splurge on myself.  This idea was slowly turned into wanting something of quality to fulfill a genuine need.  Although I can appreciate a great brand, I love quality and I prefer possessions fewer people have.  Every other female in Miami has a variation of some sort of signature Louie bag.  Would I turn one down?  Absolutely not, as I’m sure most of them didn’t.  Would I buy one for myself?  Depending heavily on the circumstance, unlikely.

I casually strolled through Saks off 5th, Bloomies outlet and Nordstroms Rack a couple times with no luck.  Then like the true savior they are, coupled with my “enough is enough, I need a bag” feelings,  GILT came through and now in some flash sale mayhem I had TWO bags that seemed appropriate for what I wanted.  One had more of a boho feeling, nice dark blue color, definitely a comfortable fit for travelling.  The other was more structured with subtle hardware detail  in a beautiful camel color .  Both pebbled leather, came with a long detachable strap, had similar dimensions and were originally between $400-$500.

milly pebbled leather tote

And the winner is…. Milly’s Andie Pebbled Tote.  I really wanted something more classic to offset my typically less classic travel looks.  This bag was originally $465 marked down to $239 plus I had GILT promo code in my email for 30% off and free shipping for two days which was also a lot of the motivation to choose a bag.  My final cost was $167 with my savings totaling a staggering $298 or 64% off.  AND I still have Christmas cash leftover.

Also, it should be noted that I bought this on my lunch from GILT’s awesome iPad app that has all my information stored.  When I double checked my shipping address I found my unit/box number was missing from the address.  I promptly called GILT support and the rep explained she could not adjust the address until it was shipped but would be able to make the adjustments with UPS.  I trusted this as I’ve had really good experiences with their customer service in the past.  She followed through and my bag came earlier than expected!

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