perfect booties

With the close of such a beautifully, mild day in Miami and what I am sure is a brisk fall evening in New York, I am sure some of you are in search of a nice pair of booties for the cooler months.  Conveniently, I already picked mine up during the off season from the clearance rack.

This was one of those things in life that finds you as soon as you aren’t looking for it.  It was May in Miami, why on Earth would I be looking for black leather ankle booties?  For the record, I wouldn’t be and I wasn’t.  Whilst cruising through the DSW clearance section, which regularly has slim pickins in my size, I spotted some gold bottomed, super soft, studded, leather ankle booties. They fit like they were made for me.      I’d bet a paycheck I could make it through a work out in them.

The Sanyu, by Ted Baker retails originally at $325.  There was an additional 30% off the already discounted DSW price which brought the final price, my price to $76.  At about 77% off, I saved $249.  
Although I highly doubt I ever will, between these perfect booties and my Rebecca Minkoff’s I think I finally understand why women will pay a couple hundred for a pair of shoes.
Also, any woman that hates high heels, you’re doing it wrong.  Once you find a pair/brand that fits your foot properly you will never want to wear flats again!
xo Rae

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