nine west nude wedges

I can’t turn down nude leather

My buddy Jerry and I had an hour and a half to kill prior to needing to get ready before a late Saturday evening Yardbird reservation while he was visiting in May.  So I showed him the Aventura DSW with no intention of purchasing anything but we all know how that goes. Just when you aren’t looking, well you know, some opportunities are hard to pass up, particularly, extremely, versatile wedges that scream pure perfection.

nine west nude wedges

God, I love neutrals.  From originally $98 to $49.99, I picked up these Nine West wedges for just about 50% off.  I’ve since worn them to dinner that night with a pale yellow dress, to pool parties, to church for a midday wedding and with my favorite distressed denim.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND picking up a pair for the summer.

xo Rae


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