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My bank account seems to have taken some unplanned, additional hits in the midst of looking for an outfit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Gala.  I  picked up what I initially thought was a beautiful, silky, emerald green BCBG dress and took it to the dressing room.

It was a romper.  Not for nothing, this was a colossal letdown.  However, I was already in the dressing room, had romper’s tie belt properly situated so… why not?  It’s kind of the same idea as a bodysuit right?  All one piece?  That’s what I told myself because I just don’t love rompers.  Miraculously, it actually fit correctly which is very unlikely.

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Although, inappropriate for the gala, the price tag didn’t really allow for me to walk away from this.  From originally $98, Loehmann’s  had it priced at $44 and then they tacked on an additional 25 percent off, making the final price $33.  Definitely, no walking away from that.  It as a great opportunity to try something  new that I normally wouldn’t buy.  And, there are entrees in mediocre restaurants that cost more than that!  I managed a 66% discount.

romper liv

I then wore it with my Rebecca Minkoff, Bombshell shoes and House of Harlow earrings (some of the earliest posts) last Friday to LIV while my cousin was in town visiting.  Honestly, it felt great but I still am not entirely sold on the idea of rompers and that’s ok because I got it for such a great price!

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