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If I told you the last time I bought sneakers to run or workout it, you wouldn’t believe that I was an NCAA athlete during all four years of college.  Currently, I prefer to do workouts that do not resemble running when I am solo.  I truly wish I loved to run but I like to swim, do yoga-esque stretches, rollerblade and do free and body weight exercises at home, none of which require sneakers.  I mean, I own old Nike Shocks, Puma flats and volleyball Aasics but I would probably not wear any of them around other humans I know personally.

Lately, though, I have been having this sneaking sensation resembling a desire to run.  My close friends are definitely laughing right now, but really, it wouldn’t kill me to jog.  Further, it’s been raining so much my rollerblading has suffered.  A wet pavement and skates are not my safest option.

Friday evening I headed to DSW on the last day my $5 off, birthday reward was valid.  Nothing particularly sparked my interest or fell within what I was looking to spend.  The time had finally come to get myself a pair of kicks to run in.  I tried on the Women’s Nike  In-Season Trainers.  They have a comfy fit and seem super breathable.  They were on clearance, so from originally $72, they were marked down to $42.  I also picked up a six-pack of Aasics girly colored socks at $12.95 from $18.00.  With my $5 birthday discount, I ended up paying $49.95 and saving about $40.

nike in season trainer womens gray pink instagram

So far I’ve run late to work in them and ran a couple errands.  I think I am getting the hang of this.

xo Rae


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