todd Jameson nue studio floor

I’ve never enjoyed waking up on a Saturday morning more

I kind of feel like I need to set the scene for this one.

10AM Saturday morning and the alarm is going off.  Dear God, why?  Right, I’m getting my hair done today.  And the alarm is so necessary because I opted against being designated driver and chose to enjoy some adult beverages.  I actually don’t think I am hungover but I sure don’t want to leave my bed.

Made it to Midtown, stopped in Acme Bakery, got myself a “Dark and Stormy”.  I can’t remember what it is but I can tell you it was good and rather appropriate for the monsoon that was about to take place.

First and foremost, as I walk in Prince is playing.  I have a very soft spot in my heart from a well-timed Prince song from some great nights spent boogying at Space 26 back home.  Once introduced to Karuna, my new stylist, I was offered coffee, water, whatever, my attention span was minimal as the rain started and Whitney Houston came through the speakers.  Karuna and I spoke about the color I was looking for, went through some pics of an old style I had and loved.  Looking back I probably seemed a little short but I was just in a little baby coma, taking in all the artwork (that’s all for sale) and other awesomeness  plastered on the walls and floor of the salon.  Then En Vogue comes on, followed by Ginuwine, Usher’s “You make me wanna” and Jagged Edge.  It’s about now I start texting my friends to recommend the salon and Karuna hasn’t even done anything to my hair yet.

selfie before red hair

Rewind.  Less than 10 days prior I was texting my girlfriends that are scattered between here and NY, “ombre or red?”  With mixed responses, I thought with my lack of desire to maintain roots, ombre was the way to go.  I started checking salons on Yelp.  Within maybe 3 days, my Gilt app notified me new deals were available.  Todd Jameson, Nue Studio Salon, a salon I was already considering, had a deal specifically for an ombre or full set of highlights for $107 from $225.  I think it took me all of 6 seconds to weigh this decision and press purchase in my Gilt City app.

gilt todd jameson miami

Ok, now my treatment is done, the shampoo girl doing her apprenticeship has put the 20/20 Experience and it is pouring, literal buckets outside.  I decided to have Karuna dry my hair anyways and commit to just chill until the rain lets up.  I am absolutely in love with the color so much so, I sent an inordinate amount of selfies.  So. Many. Selfies.  Here’s a little taste. Please excuse the sleepy eyes, Liv on a Friday night will do that to you.  Also, it’s copper highlights so it looks rather subtle in these pics.

selfie red hair no filter

Not only did I have a relaxing Saturday morning, I saved $118 or 52% on my treatment.  They also offer a 15% discount on products for any referrals, so make sure you tell them who told you – moi!  And finally, they also give you 30% off on your second visit.  Talk about customer service and retention, bravo Todd!  I had such a good experience I (someone who cuts/colors my hair maybe 2-3 times a year) was ready to set up my next appointment before leaving.

xo Rae


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