proposition fortune

I’ve got a proposition for you

This is the Discount Diary’s first contest.  I promise it will be one of the most rewarding contests you participate in during 2013.

proposition fortune

(ahem…) So, being that your fortune cookie suggests, say yes, I just so happen to have your next proposition.  I have three sideways cross necklaces I am giving away, similar to mine that I wear daily.

As previously stated in earlier posts, I have accepted a nomination to participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man and Woman of the Year campaign.  Whoever offers the most support, wins and I will ship the necklace to you.

sideways cross amazon

You have so many options on how to get people to donate you can share it on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, send it in an email or text message, pick up the phone and (gasp?!) DIAL it and maybe just maybe even speak to someone in person.  You can have one person donate $100 or 100 people donate $1, every penny counts.  In order for me to know the referral is from you please tell your friends to indicate they’re donating on behalf of you for The Discount Diary giveaway.

Even better news that those of you so graciously sharing this on your social networks but have yet to donate, your donation and your friends count towards your total support.  So, go to my dedicated campaign page by clicking here, grab the link and get to work.

May the individual with the most generous friends win!

xo Rae


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