I’m on daycation…

Let’s talk about value in relation to The Discount Diary.  The whole premise of this blog can come off as shallow and materialistic I suppose, however I think you’ll learn that I like to shop for deals because I recognize value.  Being that I don’t particularly have a deep seeded connection with my perfect Rebecca Minkoff shoes, I didn’t want to pay the original price.  If I truly valued my material objects perhaps I would pay for full price but reality is, they are a pair of shoes.  I know I can live without them.  There are other things that I will pay full price for, especially if it is reasonable or valuable to me, and my day trip to Key Largo was a perfect example.

My slightly hungover girlfriend and I got up early Saturday, stocked the cooler, donned our bathing suits, hopped on 95 South and headed to John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park to try snorkeling for the first time.  It is America’s first undersea park.  Within an hour and 45 minutes we arrived.

It’s about a 3 hour guided trip, 45 minutes on the boat each way and an hour and a half in the water exploring an enormous coral reef.  Apparently, we missed out on seeing a shark and sting ray like some others in our group, but we saw lots beautiful fish and a couple barracudas.

It was $4 a person to enter the park, which I will happily pay in support of the state parks.  The snorkeling trip was $29.99 plus equipment rental fee for those less experienced like ourselves, which came to $40.  Total, we paid about $44 each for this incredible experience and it was worth every penny and then some.

To complete our daycation, we spent the better part of the evening at a restaurant called Sundowners in Key Largo where we mingled with pirates, found a bunch of cash on the side of the road, enjoyed some tropical drinks (which were $5 a piece, seriously), had fresh tuna sashimi and seafood stuffed mushrooms, befriended a couple native upstate NYers living in Key Largo and aided the bartender in serving drinks.  If I told you what our bill was after a solid 5 hour “dinner”, not only would you not believe me but I’d have to kill you. ;)  

If you ever make it down to the park try to get on Captain George and Betsy’s boat and to refuel after a great experience stop at Sundowners.  Make sure Noah is mixing you a couple cold ones.

xo Rae

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