beyonce in brooklyn nets hat

I’d like to make a request

Ehhh, I’ve made some full price purchases recently.  Although I am absolutely keeping them and not having buyers’ remorse, I am looking for some things in particular for once butI just cannot seem to find the right ones.

I’d like to request some help.  There are three things I really want and maybe I am struggling searching for them because I don’t have similar items in my current wardrobe.

1. Specialty Skinnies – I am super interested in some subtle camo printed or tan (think original Timberland boot colored) jeans, not jeggings, minimally to try on.  Ya know, because I could try on a couple pairs and hate them but I simply haven’t come across the right pair to try on.

kourtney kardashian camo

2. Sneakers – Yes, short girls, you all look super cute with your hidden wedge sneakers or Converses but I sure don’t need a hidden wedge and Cons make my feet look long.  So I am looking for some sneakers to broaden my footwear horizons.

3. Hats – I realized in this mild-weather March, that there are frequently weekend morning or week nights where I want a hat on.  I had a couple in college ranging from snapbacks, to fitted, to five panel types.  I was eyeing a Stussy one but it was kind of huge for my head and I think I need some guidance.

beyonce in brooklyn nets hat

Beyonce in her boo’s team hat.

Now, this is a multi-part request.  I am looking for each of these items to be pretty cool and OBVIOUSLY I am interested in them having some sort of discount so I can share them with you.

Please comment, tweet (@raewitte), Facebook or email suggestions!  Thanks!

xo Rae

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