BDG chambray denim button up shirt

I may have found a distraction

Like a tennis ball for a puppy, a Ferrari for a golddigger or a babe for any red-blooded American male, however short term it may be, it seems I might have a little distraction from buying all black everything.  Realistically, black will always be “the new black” in my life but I do attempt to step outside my box and lately I’ve finding myself in a lot of different dressing rooms with a lot of different (you would never guess it) chambray/denim shirts.

I have found them to be very versatile and complimentary to my existing wardrobe.  Although when buttoned up (partially or all the way) they may not be particularly asset enhancing or flattering, I just have a true appreciation for them.

BDG chambray denim button up shirt

I picked up another BDG one at Urban Outfitters last Wednesday at the Collins Ave. location on the beach.  It was marked down from $59.99 to $29.99, a 50% savings.  I wore it with dark denim jeans cuffed to go with my Steve Madden sandals to work and to happy hour at Wood Tavern in Wynwood, which by the way, is AWESOME and to the new neighborhood spot, Biscayne Diner, with leggings and little Keds sneakers.

Maybe this shirt will get the chambray out of my system… doubt it.

xo Rae

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