all saints mens boots

I know your taste is… hmmm, a little bit high maintenance

High maintenance men.  Guilty, I love them to a degree.  I can live without the neediness most exude however, one that likes to shop as much as me?  Let’s go.

My good friend and NYC native, Anthony, loves to shop equally (or WAY more) than I do.  I experienced this first hand.  In an attempt to do some Christmas shopping on my first day in New York, I left with that black body suit and black dress from American Apparel I posted about and I am pretty sure he went home with a healthy sized bag from All Saints.  Fail… or win, whichever.

In discussions regarding future trips to New York, Anthony informed me he had picked up some blog-worthy boots.  I love it.  Apparently All Saints is clearing out their winter clothes to make room for their spring line, fantastic.

all saints mens boots

anthony 7ten group all saints mens boots

How many different people’s selfies do you think I can incorporate into this blog?  Anyways, the boots, originally $300, only cost him $88.  That’s a total savings of $212 or just over 70%.  Bravo Anthony!

So, ummm, does anyone want to go to Lincoln Road or Aventura Mall this weekend and take a stroll through All Saints?

xo Rae

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