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Although, I’ve been on their email list forever, I recently made my first purchases from  Shockingly, I bought two backless tops, one black and the other white, weird, I know.  I packed (and wore) both in NY over this Memorial Day Weekend.  Unexpectedly, nearly frigid temps rendered the majority of the contents of my suitcase irrelevant.  So, I did some emergency shopping and picked up a new jacket a Zara, full price but honestly, it was absolutely necessary.  During the day I wore a men’s sweater over my denim button and with this tactic not being a plausible option for evening, the jacket had to happen, ESPECIALLY to wear with this top.



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The Missing Pieces, Nasty Gal shirt was originally $48.  I ordered it on sale for $36.  It was the perfect option for under my new jacket to dinner with the boys in Hell’s Kitchen and then to meet friends at Catch in Meatpacking.  I wore it with my high-waisted Carmar skinnies and none other than one of my favorite blog purchases to date, my Stuart Weitzman boots.

nasty gal missing piece top cut out matty becco ny


nastygal missing pieces catch nyc

True to form, I ended up in all black everything,  but I totally blame the weather.  By blame I mean, thank you God another reason to throw on the leather and boots before summer makes it impossible.

xo Rae


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