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great minds think alike

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Well, at least I like to think my mind is great and it’s always nice to have somebody on the same page as you.  Also, by em route, she meant en route.  Where were you on that auto-correct?

This would be my second trip to the seasonal sale at LF.  Per usual, I meandered the store for what seemed like an eternity.  I actually had a couple things in mind for once but I’ll get to that in another post.  I unsuccessfully tried on a pile of things.  I honestly wasn’t in the mood to shop and should’ve went home but the sale would’ve gone on without me and I needed to check it out again.

I’ve never found any pants there before, however, I didn’t know that they had high waisted jeans.  Bingo.

In my opinion the prices at LF are high for the quality.  The very basic, staple black, high waisted jeans with a little stretch were originally $172 so with the store wide 60% discount they came to about $70.  Carmar jeans are sold only at LF (I looked for another place to try and get them for cheaper) and come in 3 rises and a million colors.  They are a great length and I definitely recommend them.

xo Rae

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