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Gilt City Warehouse Sale, Part III: the dress and the grand total

My third and final purchase was a dress that I purely tried on because of the way it felt.  I think I am still apprehensive about the color.  Honestly,  I was struggling to find things I loved and trying this on may have been a desperation move but I am totally ok with that now.

I really love that Gilt introduces me to so many new brands.  This dress is by Montreal based, Firth and is known for simple lines and classic cuts which is definitely my thing.  However, being that women like Stella McCartney and Blake Lively are big fans, I assume I will not acquire a closet full of it.

Before hopping in line and heading out, I stopped by a table offering samples of OnJuice, which is a juice cleanse where each bottle contain juice from 2 pounds of fruit.  Each bottle represents one day’s worth of juice for a cleanse   After trying a couple flavors the girl working the table gave me a FREE day which is a way bigger deal than one would think as they are currently having a Gilt City deal available for each day marked down from $75 to $42.

yellow firth dress

Like I said before, the material on this very basic dress (similar to the gray ribbed BCBG one I have) is literally to die for.  I want sheets made of it and to never leave my bed.  It only cost me $39.99 which is amazing considering the original price $168 and although it is feels perfect on I could never pay that for it.  This is a 77% discount.

And for your easy viewing, here is my overall Raid the Warehouse spending and saving:


Original Actual
Gilt City Raid the Warehouse ticket $15 $15
Abas oversized leather clutch $130 $49.99
Kelsi Dagger suede flats $100 $29.99
Firth long sleeve dress $168 $39.99
OnJuice one day cleanse $75 $0
TOTAL $488 $135


At $135 for $488 worth of fantastic finds, I saved 72% and got some very versatile, staple, great quality items.  I’ve alreathy used the bag and wore the shoes to work but I may need to break out the dress for my girlfriend’s baby shower this weekend. Maybe I’ll coincidentally find myself in New York for their Raid the Warehouse sale like last year.

xo Rae




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