kelsi dagger pink suede flats

Gilt City Warehouse Sale, Part II: Shoes

Conveniently, I do not wear an average size 7.  At my height I’d probably walk pretty funny.  What a horrible mental picture.  Anyways, the shoe section of the sale was my last stop before the dressing room.  While waiting for the line to die down I checked every single shoe box in my size while lugging an armful of potential wares.  Nothing.  Can you believe that?  I always find a pair, whether it’s sandals or pumps, I always can pick up a quality pair.

In defeat, I wandered to the neighboring table full of shoes a half size too small for me.  Right away I came across these awesome flats.  Did I just type that (I wonder as I face palm in shame)?  Secretly, or  not so now, I really dislike flats and I really think all of you short women that don’t love high heels just need someone to teach you how to buy a pair that fits properly.  Ya know what else, flats aren’t even that comfortable!  But I did, I came across these AWESOME flats.

kelsi dagger pink suede flats

Bright pink, perforated suede – so perfect for Miami.  Although a half size too small, I tried them anyways and low behold they fit and seemed pretty comfy.  Had I found the exception to the rule?  Perhaps.  Another hurdle, no price tag.  Kelsi Dagger is the brand and now I feel robbed for not knowing of it previously.  I took a gamble and  just brought them to the register.

At $29.99, I decided to take them.  Well, with no tag, I did not know how much I saved.  The Kelsi Dagger, Casual “Haidee” flats were originally $100 making my savings a 70% discount.

Even better, upon entering the elevator leaving work today, I crossed paths with a man from a different office.  He said, “hey! I really like those shoes,” about my flats… my flats though.  #Proud

xo Rae


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