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Fall Feels

Similar to last year, August turned into a little hiatus from writing. Between some new projects and moving, too much life was happening to be on my computer. With the close of summer and NYFW upon us, I did a little fall/season shift shopping this weekend. I think I’m finding a significant draw to textures with little desire to let go of the black/neutral uniform.

The first purchase, dubbed ‘normcore cute’ by a very observant Twitter friend, are perfect for this lingering summer heat and will be worn everything from denim cutoffs to little black dresses. The black, perforated suede, Dolce Vita slides were $50 from  $80 at the DSW at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn.

dolce vita slides 2 dolce vita slides

So it starts, basic lines with detailed textures for the fall feels.

xo Rae

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