stussy shirt

don’t that look like what’s her name?


As I mentioned, about two weeks ago, there were a couple items I’ve been looking for with little success.  One being a hat.  I mentioned this Stussy snap back I was really interested in but didn’t end up pulling the trigger because it was too big for my head.  Then, last week, Urban Outfitters was having an online promotion for free shipping for 3 days.  I obviously opted to take advantage.

I always get online or walk into the stores and recognize I need some casual tees or comfortable tops (but only rad, comfortable tops), however I never come home with any.  While flipping through the Sale pages on my iPad, I came across a Stussy women’s shirt.  Now, I make fairly frequent trips to  both the UO located on the beach and in Aventura Mall, however this top was “online only”, meaning they didn’t even carry it in stores.  Hmm… and free shipping?  You follow where I am going here?

stussy shirt

At 50% off, this shirt came to $29.98 from $59.99 and it has already gotten some appropriate use.  Friday evening I managed to make my way home with a snap back hat, borrowed from a friend that is in town.  As it turned out to be a very late night, I manage to follow up with a very productive day.  When it came time to meet back up to watch the NCAA Final Four games and grab wings, I simply wanted to be comfortable.  So I threw on my new top, turned that snap back backwards and grabbed two of my all time favorites, my cutoffs and my combat boots, and headed to park it at an outside table to catch the game.  Upon my arrival, my friend took one look at his hat and to the rest of my ensemble and promptly asked, “that’s how you feel?”  To which I responded, “yes, exactly.”

I know I said I wanted to wear combat boots and body suits everyday but now I’m highly considering my other favorite option may be cutoffs and snap backs.  Good thing I already ordered one on Friday.

xo Rae

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