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combat boots and bodysuits

In my wildest dreams, I could live life everyday in combat boots (or any badass pair) and bodysuits.  In reality, clothing such as…. pants, for instance, are required.  So, how I see it, I might as well get some other articles clothing to wear too.

Remember when I said, if you speak to me and I am going to the LF sale, inflict physical harm on me or minimally stop me?  You all failed.  Or I may have not mentioned it, to anyone.  In my defense, they were having their final days of the sale and marking down everything further.  In that case, I thought to myself, this would justify the sweater or jacket I originally wanted to pick up but hadn’t.

The military, cargo, boyfriend jacket was originally $175 and that initial 60% was not enough.  However, with the final mark down bringing the price to $28, was undeniable.  That’s an 84% discount!

Now I just need some pants since I don’t think combat boots, a bodysuit and a jacket are appropriate.  Wait, maybe combat boots, a BATHING SUIT and the jacket?  I need to go to bed before I use the excuse that everything is socially acceptable in Miami.

lf store military boyfriend cargo jacket

xo Rae


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