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Maximus and Nika kick off NYFW

As NYFW officially kicks off today, after New York was slammed by two storms in less than 4 days, it’s only right we discuss coats. I am currently still searching for ‘the one’.

I must digress, my current biggest style inspo for my future coat is Kanye. Honestly, any ill opinions on him, save it, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest when that DJ from Tuesday night casually played Bound 2 twice, back to back. I’ll forever be fan.

Realistically, when I say Kanye is my inspiration in the pursuit for the perfect coat, I really mean Kim. However, ultimately, I hold Ye responsible for her apparent, upgraded style. If someone had taste like this, I sure wouldn’t mind their daily input. Regardless, she has been KILLING the coat game since fall, particularly the Celine coats. Here’s a selection of my favorites, all of which are stolen from her Instagram.

kim kardashian celine coat 2 kim kardashian celine coat 3kim kardashian celine coat


Unfortunately at this point in my life, I do not have a couple extra racks to spare on a Celine coat. Coincidentally, my friend Celine aka @ThatGOODRahman of has also offered some inspiration.


Stunner. Her vintage L.L. Bean coat that she picked up at Unique Thrift Store in Brooklyn is precisely the direction I’m headed in, just need a little more length.

Until then, I am ardently looking forward to checking out how fashion’s finest bundle up in the upcoming week. Stay warm.

xo Rae

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Some things are the same

I know you’re feeling very Nothing Was The Same, new city, new look, how I switched it up with a new name?! It’s been a minute since we kicked it. Don’t worry, you know me. I’m just flexin’. Hold up, hold my phone… GOD, I can’t stop. Sorry. 

During October, I was running around last minute trying to pick up something safe for a job interview. I hate safe. I was playing it super safe, at Marshall’s on Atlantic Ave. Upon coming across what was likely the least safe dress in the store, I tried it on. Worst.

The dress fit perfectly. I left it there.

December rolled around and similar to how I feel today about Drake’s NWTS, I still hadn’t let it go. On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I went back. Perhaps because it was long enough to fit me and a size small, it was still there. At this point having been marked down to practically nothing, I bought it.

NYE tart dress with reggie

The long sleeve, deep v cut, maxi is by Tart, which can be found at Nordstroms but is also frequently featured on Gilt. From around $130, I picked it up for $35.

For my first (frigid) New Year’s in New York I wore it to a friend’s party with my great aunt’s vintage fur.

NYE tart dress fur coat homeProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

images by Celine of Cup of Rahman

Especially with the never ending Polar Vortex (check, my wardrobe is definitely reflecting a transition, 305 to my city, Brooklyn. But, with a New Year’s Eve in that dress with a New Year’s Day looking like this –  I get it, I get it.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Seriously, maybe I’ll go listen to We Made It or Trophies and give NWTS a little break.

xo Rae

me lee

take me back

That moment when your iTunes are on shuffle and you’re sitting in Starbucks because your air conditioning is broken.  It’s July in Miami and easily over 86 degrees in your bedroom and BAM a song comes on that…. takes you THERE, elsewhere.  You know where, it’s no where you should be reminded while trying to be productive in quiet environment nearing closing on Thursday evening.  You should be THERE with THOSE people enjoying it or minimally in your car so you can turn all the way up.  But alas, I’m…. um… your not.  Yea, that’s exactly what is going on tonight.

This feeling is exactly how I felt when my mom texted me “cleaning out your closet” attached to a pic of my favorite jean jacket that I wore until there were literal holes in it my freshman and sophomore years of college.  And it’s even older than that.  It’s my Mom’s Lee jean jacket from when she was 16 or 17, circa 1976.

vintage lee jean jacket 1970s 1976


I imagine this fit my teenage mother a little differently however, amazingly, the sleeves are long enough for me and it fits right at my natural waist, great spot for light jackets.  Although my mom did some minor fixes this jacket is worn to perfection.

In a quick online search I came across some similar vintage Lee jackets going for around $50.  This is surely less than you will find in a vintage shop and they certainly did not have this worn look or broken in feel.  Honestly, not just because I’m partial to my mom’s hand me downs none of them came close.

I can only imagine the upstate NY summer evenings and spring days this jacket has seen because I know how often I wore it in Springfield at school.  Some clothing just has THAT feeling, it takes you someplace else and its pure perfection.  Over thirty years later its mine, Miami and New York’s turn.

xo Rae

lee 2006

2006 at Springfield College
kelly anthony rachael

cheap thrills

Although, we’ll never know what we truly save when Macklemore-ing, I certainly love thrift shopping.  Mainly because I love having unique things that other people don’t take the time to search for and also because as much as I like nice brands, I like what I like and it doesn’t need to be drenched in LV logos.

As I was inevitably lost in my Twitter timeline last week, I came across my girlfriend Kelly bragging about some awesome vintage finds.  One of the first times I hung out with Kelly, we were both staying at a mutual friends’ in New York and realized that the contents of our suitcases were practically identical, all black, bodysuits, blazers, leathers, booties, we practically matched all weekend.  So once I saw that tweet I demanded she tell me what she got so I could put it on the blog.  She’s SUPER thrifty and did not just head into some vintage boutique where everything has been found, cleaned up and re-priced.

She got this amazing fur coat for $10 and the vintage Verdi luggage for $4 at the Salvation Army.

kelly vintage fur

kelly vintage luggage verdi


Then at Goodwill, she picked up this AMAZING black clutch  and small cross body, both perfect for going out for $3.  And I just came across some similar cross body, tiny bags on Karmaloop and Urban Outfitters online.

kelly vintage cross body kelly vintage snake skin envelope clutch


Shes good right?! She picked up everything in Manchester, CT and only spent $20.  Clearly, this takes patience but if your like Kelly or myself that’s half the fun.  I seriously can’t wait to kill a couple afternoons thrifting with her!

xo Rae






vntg denim1

I’m different, yeah, I’m different

“I’m different”, yea we know 2 chainz, everyone is.  Honestly, though it only takes a little effort to stand out.  With the internet and availability to customize anything (at a price) why wouldn’t you strive to find your lane and be yourself?  Further than that, with social media you can access so many different communities to play your part in that there has got to be something you can bring to a valuable, accessible table.

I’ve met an impressive young man doing just that and even better, girls, you will love what he has to offer.  Aside from being super dope, Tomas’ one-of-a-kind, cutoff, custom designed and hand made shorts are a WAY better price than some of our favorite brands which is how he landed himself and his shorts on The Discount Diary.

Not only does Tomas pick the vintage jeans, he cuts them into shorts, partially distresses them, dyes them and he does all the stud work by hand!  And his designs are awesome!  I can’t wait to meet up with him after my upcoming weekend away and get pair or two.

vntg denim1 vntg denim2 vntg denim4 vntgdenim3

So do you all remember that time I paid FULL price for my favorite pair of cutoff distressed denim shorts from UO and then got the identical pair on clearance for $7?  Well, here – refresh your memory.  I thought I did well because I paid $44 for the first pair.  My reasoning was that the coolest pairs on start at $78.  At the time $44 seemed like a steal.  Well, Tomas’ VNTG Denim range from about $45-55 for his inventory, available at brand new website, and a little more, dependent on the work and materials for a special request custom pair.

For those of you in Miami, you should definitely check Tomas and his VNTG Denim out at the RAW:natural born artists event this Thursday, February 28.  According to RAW’s website, they are an “independent artists association that hand-selects and spotlights independent creatives in visual art, film, fashion, music, hair & makeup artistry, photography, models and performing art.”  Their events feature  “a film screening, musical performance, fashion show, art gallery, performance art and a featured hairstylist and makeup artist” all locally living and working in Miami.  It’s only $20 and drinks and food will be available for purchase.  I would definitely check this out if I were in town.  Who is going to go and give me the scoop?

You can also find Tomas on Instagram at VNTGDenim and at  Check him out!

xo Rae

jackson puppy


MVP, my Most Valuable Purchases, ok really these are MY favorite/most used items posted in 2012.  I told you what you guys liked best, but honestly, what about me?  So for the first day on the new domain, it’s all about me!

5. denim, denim, denim

You might as well refer to these shorts and this shirt as used and abused.  Thankfully, the more beat up my “destroyed denim” is, the better.  I wear the my shorts for everything – errands, trips to SunLife, with any of my 23 bodysuits, out at night, most recently with some awesome stockings, just everything.  Good thing I got two pairs!

levis denim shorts from urban outfitters


4. Friends with Benefits

You might as well refer to these as used and abused… wait, no, that was the last one.  Honestly, I should send these boys Thank You cards and Christmas gifts and my girlfriends (and cousins) should too.  They have been facilitating my nightlife since I got out of the industry.  I know this post was on the Top 5 but it’s an MVP for me too.

MVP night life promoters 7ten group NY Miami

3. Search and Destroy Vintage

My friends are probably tired of hearing about it and when I speak about my blog this is probably my most mentioned purchase so with it not landing on the Top 5, I think you all could use a second look.  Do you understand what I paid for this vintage Salvatore Ferragamo bag that I love so much?  Hands down, most carried night time bag since I bought it.


2. Perfect Booties

Not only did I manage some major savings on these, I’ve now had them since early this past summer and the quality is impeccable.  This pair of boots is what this blog is about, high quality/reasonable price.  I unnecessarily wore them ALL SUMMER.

Ted Backer boots

1. Free Love

My true MVP, my main girl, Jackson.

jackson puppy

xo Rae


I need some feedback.  I know they have become a part of the norm however I do truly have a little bit of a problem with selfies.  I have been utilizing them more for blogging my new purchases.  My dilemma lies in that, as a very non-judgmental person, I am also straight forward enough to say I am judging you if your instagram and Facebook are stock piled with selfies of you in the same mirror, in the same pose, making the same face.  This is just a simple fact.

However, I would like to do occasional #ootd (outfit of the day) or #wdywt (what did you wear today) posts and  give you the total of the outfit plus the links to previously blogged items.

My biggest justification is if the Manrepeller does it, it can’t be that bad right?  If you don’t know about her, look her up.  Her story is pretty bad ass by blogger standards or any standards for that matter.

So, here it is, the dreaded selfie I took in the restaurant bathroom.  The shame.  Perhaps next time I’ll just harass my roommate/younger brother, but probably not.

selfie, #ootd, #wdywt, 
wtf do any of you even know what this means?

Tonight I wore my green BDG jeans, an unblogged Joie top, my BDG denim top, my diba boots and carried my vintage Ferragamo bag.  My accessories include my 50 cent phone case, unblogged Michael Kors watch I received as a gift, a $5 ring from H&M and a random brand two-toned bracelet from of Hautelook for $14.99.

BDG jean from $76 to $24
BDG denim top from $59 to $14.99
diba boots from $80 to $39
Ferragamo bag estimated at $200 to $35

The total for all of my Discount Diary items would have been $415 but I only spent about $113.

There it is, my first #ootd/#wdywt post, in the books.  I hope the embarrassment will allow you all to see I could purchase 3+ full outfits for what the original price of this one would’ve been.  Also, I buy most things discounted but not every single thing, I accept gifts too. :)

xo Rae