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Do Something Special For Number One

Perhaps, I’m going about this all wrong. Having lived with a significant other at one point in life, unbelievable yes that a boyfriend once slept in the place of my dog who is passed out belly up right now, it seems I’ve had this all wrong.

I was the type of girlfriend that shaved her legs regularly and stayed more fit than when I was single. I grocery shopped and cooked too, consistently. I still went out with my friends and may or may not made it a point to dance on top of everything (this way, random boys couldn’t touch me, duh).

Further, I definitely had better underwear (sorry mom). I wholeheartedly stand by a dedicated refusal to ‘get comfortable’ or worse lose my sense of self in a relationship. In my former relationship, I wanted him to be proud to have me by his side so I kept up myself more than I do single. Ya know, that whole idea of being with someone, complimenting each other and being your parallel, best selves? That’s my wave. Now, as the single adult I am, I don’t want to say I’ve let myself go because I most certainly have not but, these potentials will not get the best from jump because I have news, my best, is really good so the upkeep is not what it used to be. I might not get my eyebrows done, because I just don’t feel like it. However, as I reminded myself this weekend, there sure isn’t anything wrong with doing the most for number one.

With that being said, I bought myself a silk, La Perla robe because I could. I work from home and if I want to wear a goddamn silk robe around my house alone, I will. DSC00500 DSC00497

Last Saturday, I went to the Gilt Warehouse Sale, as I do biannually almost every year. Upon finding out there were additional markdowns according to the color price tag, I took one final lap around the W 46th Street space. And it was in that final lap, that I came across my work uniform for the summer. I LOLed the entire way out of that sale because the final price was $28 from $290. I’ve shamefully paid more for a mediocre meal in Midtown.

Subsequently, I have reminded myself that just because you don’t  have a man, doesn’t mean you can’t look good naked alone besides, isn’t that what roommates are for?

xo Rae



Post Basel and Pre NYE: A New Yorker’s Guide to Miami

Miami, it’s like little Manhattan, select long weekends of the year. Specifically, the first weekend of December, during Art Basel and the 24 satellite fairs, the city’s gallerists, artists, art lovers, musicians, photographers, socialites and IG famous embark on the 3o5, jam-packed with openings, receptions, exhibits and guestlist only parties. If you’re unfamiliar, think SXSW but prettier and art rather than tech.

Now, contrary to popular belief, truthfully Miami is a small, big city and for whatever reason despite not having 8 million human, it is still rather inefficient especially for New Yorkers. So, after a fairly successful trip for Basel before some of you inevitably take your talents to South Beach for New Year’s Eve, prepare properly with these Miami hacks for New Yorkers.

Let’s start from the beginning, like prior to arrival. I HIGHLY recommend using AirBnb rather than a hotel. A lot of the hotels are run down and do not look like the photos online. If you have the money, stick to the newly renovated James Hotel, The W South Beach, The Fontainebleu (a bit off actual South Beach), The Raleigh, SLS and however tacky it is, the rooms at The Dream are in good shape. Miami has cockroaches, year round, HUGE ones, stay in a nice place. If you AirBnB, stay off Washington, Collins or Ocean Drive to cut on traffic. Anywhere South of Fifth Ave is pretty good and Alton Road will give you good access to leaving or staying on South Beach. Also, there’s a Whole Foods to eat healthy while on vacation and save on mediocre Lincoln Road, tourist trap restaurants.

Upon arrival, have cash and your Google Maps ready for your cab ride. Fortunately, taxis have set fares to different neighborhoods from the airport however, VERY few take cards, which is archaic but very real. Miami does finally have Uber but it was RARE to see cars available without a 2.2 or higher surge price during Basel. Similar to when searching for accommodations, while in cabs, vehemently demand to stay off Washington, Collins Ave and Ocean Drive as much as possible.

Check every tab at every bar you order a drink at. The majority of your orders will have an automatic gratuity charge thus unless you are interested in tipping upwards of 40 percent, stay aware.

Lastly, Miami Beach has free WiFi. Although I am unsure if it works well, it does exist. The signal is City_of_Miami_Beach_Wifi.

To less ATM fees and a Happy New Year – see you soon Miami.

xo Rae


You know what they say about big closets…

For the first time since 2011, I’m living with girls. Further, I don’t have sisters so the only person I was stealing clothes from was my mom. As I was significantly taller than her for, give or take, the last 12 years, it’s been limiting. Now I live with two girls and we all have big closets (ESPECIALLY by Brooklyn standards).

One of my roommates, Celine, has this incredible, oversized, mohair cardigan. I wore it once and quickly realized, although I could not get the identical one, I needed to find something very similar because I wanted to wear it every damn day. See below.

Mohair, don’t care.

A photo posted by Rae Witte (@raewitte) on

It didn’t take too long for me to find something to prevent me from borrowing my roommates sweater. Expectedly, on Gilt, I found this French Connection coat. Marked down from $268 to $99, I also had promo code, bringing the coat down to $79.



xo Rae

Who do we talk to about inside pockets for women’s coats? 

So we saw my men’s jacket, essentially (hopefully) appropriate for my figure. Still had a waist and fell right below the widest part of my hips/thighs which is surprisingly wonderful since I’m taking an apparent hiatus from women’s clothes.

Did I fail to mention we showed up to the Gilt sale with an actual team? Sarah, one of my roommates also picked up a men’s coat at the Gilt sale. She actually has that great boyish figure and skinny legs. A completely different look, but this Hickey Freeman coat works amazing for her too.

photo (1)

She picked up this camel, suede coat for $159 from 785. The length of the sleeves allowed for her to cuff them, exposing the interior print.

I’m trying to tell you boys, anything you can do we can do better.

xo Rae and Sarah of The New Park Ave

Might crash ya internet

New projects, new industries, I tried to tell everyone, cuffing season for what – it’s hustle season. So after attending #HashbrownsAndHashtags the panel of women entrepreneurs from all different industries discussing how they utilize digital and social, it only seemed right to continue to see how other successful lifestyle brands are leveraging digital in different ways.

Digital DUMBO, who puts together live events and experiences to connect brands and businesses, held the first panel in their DGTL_CLTR (digital culture) series. Racks on Racks on Racks: Streetwear Goes Digital featured a panel discussion with Scott Sasso of 10Deep, Mikhail Bortnik of Mischka, Erik Marino of Rocksmith and moderated by Been Trill’s Heron Preston.


For those of you that aren’t as familiar with the culture, answers to Preston’s first question will offer a little clarity. Sasso defined Streetwear as “outsiders fashion” while Bortnik elaborated comparing it to indie rock, in that similarly, you just kind of know it when you see it.

Everyone indicated that using social media indeed offers an avenue to keep a pulse on the culture but does not solely inspire new product. Bortnik says he finds the most inspo offline seeing people in the streets in NY and Toyko while Sasso says being in the scene and at parties influenced a lot of releases in the past.

Conversely, between big brands like H&M, Topman and Zara and social media offering immediate exposure to a larger audience, Bortnik brought up the adjustment from a 4 season cycle to a 12 month cycle. Everyone agreed it brings new challenges but at the same time Preston and the Been Trill boys seem to continue to find different avenues leveraging the immediacy of the cycle and social media through #Been Trill#x U allowing consumers to apply their graphics (and others) to t-shirts.

Marino brought up a very interesting point that really swayed him from traditional print to maintaining digital – the ability to watch views on YouTube. Print ad buys offer an arbitrary number and you really can’t track a conversion. As someone that LIVES on Google Analytics (I see you all checking my blog), I can see how it’s no question these brands would create their own content, connecting music/artists, and put it out to build their brand.

All of them strongly urged staying true to yourself and your brand, as did the women of #HasbrownsAndHashtags, as well as the panel at the Agenda Emerge event I wrote about last winter. Now, I’m sure you all think I’m going to take shots at the fellas but there was a lot of similarities among both the all women panel and the all men. The biggest difference I found between them was a lot more presence of ego in last night’s Racks on Racks discussion but honestly it wasn’t even the group as a whole. Further, as someone hugely interested in most of Kanye’s projects I often equate ego as a form of passion for what you do, it isn’t always a bad thing.

So, ego and the fact that I’ve confirmed that there are literal business conversations being held regarding the impressions or activity within a hashtag like #sus or #thot only further solidifies digital is king and if you are running a brand, not only do you need to get on board but you need to find your own lane and kill the game.

xo Rae


NYFW: Flex Zone

Last week during New York Fashion Week, quite a few of the frequently photographed (some below) were shot wearing simply Nike sport’s bras with more traditional pieces like blazers and boyfriend jeans. IMO, it’s simply an excuse to flex and have their abs out. I’m absolutely not mad, in fact, I want to see sports bras and blazers over Jen Setler and the belfie ANY DAY. However, I can almost 100 percent confirm I will not be adopting this trend from last week.

nike sports bra nyfwstreet-style-rajni-jacques-nicole-chapoteau-shiona-turini-nocrop-w1800-h1330-2x


pics from NYMag and street style pics

As a former athlete, I cannot see myself swagging out with a crisp Nike sports bra under a blazer with a pair of pumps on. Yes, with yoga pants and absolutely with sweats but otherwise unlikely.

IMG_3254 IMG_3267

With that being said, I got my Nike Leg-a-see tights at Nordstrom Rack for $26 from $45. Sneakers or the latest Tech Pack at NikeLab sure but there’s other options staple sports bra and leggings.

xo Rae

images by Celine of thatgoodrahman 

Challenge accepted

Yesterday as I driving from my parents house in upstate NY, I received a Facebook notification indicating that I had gotten got. I had been challenged to the viral ALS Ice Buck Challenge. For what?

ALS is a progressive nuerodegenerative diseases, aka Lou Gherigs disease, affecting the spinal cord and nervous system. Horrible. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral, challenging those called out to donate $100 or pour a bucket of ice cold water over their head and donate $10. According to an article published on today, in 2013 between mid June to August $1.7 million dollars were raised while the social phenom has driven $11.4 million to be raised int he same period this year.

So, here is my nomination from my friend and former boss, Jerry Marrello and old team at Lava at Turning Stone Resort and Casino.


I now take this opportunity to donate and accept the challenge.

Your turn David, Jill and Matty! <3

You can donate or find more info on ALS here.

xo Rae


I play to win

In 1986, the NCAA College Football Coca Cola Classic was played in Tokyo. Apparently, the Wheat Street Baptist Church Choir was in the building. Twenty-eight years later, one of the choir jackets in perfect condition made it to Brooklyn.

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through Twitter and saw Nifty Thrifty tweet that the first four people to email them a link of something from their site that they were wishing for could have it. They were just going to send it for free. I obviously wasted no time. Plan of attack, with vintage having unpredictable sizing I thought, outwear. Next, something I really liked but was more than what I’d prob pay for it and perhaps a little outside my norm. Done.




My Twitter obsession and ability to know what I want immediately finally paid off. I won. I saved $85 on this vintage Wheat Street Baptist Church Choir jacket from the 1986 Coca Cola Classic.

Thanks Nifty Thrifty!

xo Rae


Monday Bae: Chet Faker

Got the easiest position to destroy my life. All you have to do is arrive.

DAMN, Monday, jeez, wow, wide eye emoji. Perhaps this lyric isn’t directed at Monday specifically but w o w.

As most discoveries come about, walking through Bedstuy with my headphones on letting my Soundcloud stream aimlessly, I hear Chet Faker’s hoarse voice and tortured lyrics. Obviously the song is called MELT, perhaps my favorite adjective to describe my favorite music. Melt should honestly be the name of a genre at this point, in my opinion. Lately I have been more prone to the ladies of the Melt genre (I am really moving forward with this), which makes sense that Kilo Kish is on the track and my subsequent discovery came from her sharing it.

Chet Faker, the Australian electronic musician is not particularly new to the game. He also has work under his real name Nick Murphy. Regardless, you must give the boy a full  listen especially with his debut album on Downtown Records set to released this morning. You can catch it on iTunes radio. Below are some of my favorites from his catalog and I am really looking forward to his new stuff.

HE COVEREDNO DIGGITY, HELLO. Soulfully and from 2011. Rightfully disappointed in myself for not knowing about this but I was on a different planet in 2011, so… here.

And he minor edits one of my favorite instrumentals, North, originally from Pheonix.

I can finally give Days In The East a break. Also, he’s playing the Music Hall of Williamsburg the week after my birthday, May 17. Who’s down?

xo Rae



It’s yours

Ok, here’s your weekend plans… well, potentially. Actually, they’re mine and you’re invited. Get in where ya fit in.

Friday is easily my favorite shopping day as it is a leisurely activity for me. Owner of my go to vintage spot, upstate in Syracuse, Nate of Modern Pop Culture, informed me about Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show and Sale going on today and tomorrow. I’ll be in attendance and specifically going to check out Thriftwares. Tickets are $15 online or $20 at the door. Check out more info here.


For Saturday evening I’m calling all my heart break kids, and sad bois and girlz. Ason (former featured Bae) and Bvdhai are playing a night strictly for the lovers. Ok, other people are invited as well, but Huckleberry Bar in BK will be HEAVY on the candle light and R&B. The party starts at 10 and ends when everyone is making out  the DJ drops R. Kelly’s Bump ‘N Grind. Let me stop, it’s going to be perfect. Turn on NWTS, hop on the G train and #comethru.


And on the 7th day the lord said put on your Sunday’s Best and let there be brunch. Start it with live jazz but follow up with Fool’s Gold’s DJ, TheCainMarko. There’s drink specials and complimentary brunch. It’s in Soho at the private club, Parlor. RSVP at sundaybestny at gmail dot com or email me for more info at contactraewitte at gmail dot com.


Despite the forecasted rain all weekend, I will shop, jones and day drink. Grab your umbrella or hit the Uber and don’t let it kill your vibe.

xo Rae