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h and m black dress

If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad

Inevitably as I get older, I find… things… in my life that for whatever reason have withstood the test of time and although rather unintrusive and subsequently, insignificant, they’ve lingered, for years. It seems as though these things (places, activities, habits, perhaps even people) do not warrant my love and dedication nor do they negatively effect my life enough to fully rid of them. These things are consistent and serve a purpose but clearly never really  fully provide me what I need.

This is my relationship with H&M. When living upstate and working at the casino, constantly getting new, “trendy” clothes seemed like a necessity. However, once I relocated to Miami, to my then shock and dismay, there wasn’t one. Not until my last 8 months did the one on Lincoln Road finally open and by then I had kind of forgotten about it. Out of sight, out of mind perhaps. That, and it was always such mob scene, I just wasn’t that into it.

Now one complete year back in NY, after collabs with Isabel Marant at the end of 2013, Jeff Koons this year and the recent announcement of working with Alexander Wang, I decided to revisit the old go-to.

h and m black dress 2


Cheap, simple, necessary. I got this easy, racerback, knee length black dress, with pockets for less than $25 and wore it with my new suede slides. Please believe this will transition through the fall with me and I will wear it with sweaters, my leather, tights and all different footwear.

So, you see H&M, if you continue to come through like this, on the rare occasion I visit, I guess we’ll have to stay in touch.

xo Rae


I woke up like this

Although Queen B’s use of the phrase “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS” is complete satire, I apply the more literal meaning to my “style”. I abandoned using my straightener upon moving to Miami and have used it less than five times since then. Bed head is my move and I am not particularly prone to wearing make up beyond mascara and lipstick (maybe) on any day that I take the train during these warmer months. I have a weakness for soft t-shirts and I’d prefer to sleep the extra 10 minutes or leave the house early than take a long time to get ready. Literally, I wake up and go.

So, that evening  I visited The Vintage Twin pop-up with my girlfriend after a few drinks, I had to try on one of the reworked vintage tees showcasing lyrical tidbits from some of my favorite babes, Bey and Iggy.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

This is a vintage Ralph Lauren tee that the girls from The Vintage Twin, treated and screened. With my propensity to do like Beyonce, I paid $22 for the one of kind tee. Read more about the girls and check out more of their reworked pieces here.

xo Rae

all pics by Celine of Cup of Rahman

IMG_2594 edit

One Of A Kind Mom Jeans

“Debbie, do you own anything but mom jeans?”

“ew, no.”

Yes, that was a question directed at me. Recently, a friend mentioned I remind him of his childhood neighbor’s mom, Debbie Daddio. I’m not really sure my feelings on it yet, but I definitely only rock with mom jeans, so shout out to Debbie.

I read about The Vintage Twin a few weeks ago on Bedford & Bowery. Not only was the pop-up location close to where I was meeting a girlfriend for drinks, they were open until 10pm. Dangerously, convenient, I had to stop by. I walked into the mecca of vintage cutoffs, thankfully, as I was struggling to find some new ones well into June. Even more amazing, a lot of their stuff was “reworked” or custom. Check these one of a kind cutoffs I picked up for only $36.

IMG_2591 edit IMG_2597 editIMG_2592 edit 

Perfect for this road trip, I wore them with this not so mom-ish, very 90s inspired, snap up, crop from Urban Outfitters. You can follow @TheVintageTwin on their social outlets and see where they will pop-up next.

xo Debbie



Influence for Impulse

The 90s glorified the bodies of supermodels like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. High-waisted jeans may have been a thing then but the tiny Baywatch booty was the desired. Conveniently, this was pre-puberty, allowing me to get through to the early 2000s when rappers sang and my favorite R&B/Pop princesses ruled the airwaves slowly adjusting views of ideal body types. Enter, JLo and later Beyonce and the “thick” girls have made it mainstream. Thank God. 

They made way for bodies like Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Iggy Azalea. Those of us with similar figures are gaining a wider variety of influences for our own personal style. As I mentioned before, it is difficult and borderline delusional for me to get caught up in too many “trends” but with women like the aforementioned setting them, I can definitely get down. One of the more modest looks among them, with Kim K in particular murdering the silhouette, is the defined waist and longer skirt than normal (because thighs). kim k iggy


from and

So, I too decided to try the longer, fitted dress.

IMG_1447blogedit IMG_1404blogedit

I walked into the Soho Zara, saw the cut, didn’t even try it on and picked it up for $50. I still stand by choosing clothes that are flattering for your body but if you know some staple cuts that compliment your body, it’s easy.

xo Rae

Combo #1

A few of my favorite combinations include champagne and sunrises, puppies and froyo, boys that are mixed (for now), and insomnia and Instagram but most importantly, I believe I’ve determined my favorite combination of clothes. After surviving a sample of all four seasons my favorite wardrobe combination is leather, denim, a cotton t-shirt and sneakers, primarily chucks as of late.

IMG_1191blog edit

No, this isn’t my leather jacket from Gilt that I got for over $300 off. This is the LATEST. From Guvnor’s in Park Slope, which will soon be online only, I picked up this very 80s, real leather jacket. Since they are going to be an online only retailer soon they are (still) having an ongoing sale get rid of some of their inventory thus allowing me to get this jacket for $35. It ends this Sunday, May 18 at their Grand Closing Party, details here.

I also like sales and sharing.

xo Rae


ann taylor 2

I’m an aspiring adult too

Another thing I’ve noticed about New York, it seems that my friends and acquaintances are far more brand conscious with their clothing, footwear, accessories, etc. I’d say I notice it more largely because Miami is a less than notable fashion forward city. Let’s be real.

With that being said, it’s New York and I get it. You still won’t find me carrying a signature Louie bag and I prob won’t being purchasing an HBA black long sleeve t-shirt any time soon. Personally, it comes down to the look I am going for and the fit. However, when my mom suggested going to a store she frequents at home I thought, I will humor her but it’s unlikely I’ll find anything. WRONG, obviously, because moms are usually right and that’s the bottom line.

Another thing I failed to recognize, was I definitely needed new “grown up” clothes. I own a lot of crops and for whatever reason there are still plenty of occasions where I need a longer shirt. So, I got these drawstring pants and this sweater. I wore a heart printed button up under the sweater and they are all from the same store. Guess where.

ann taylor outfit grid ann taylor

Ann Taylor LOFT, who knew right? AND all of their sale items would 60% off. The moral of the story is, keep an open mind, even for your wardrobe and listen to your mother.

xo Rae

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater

Sweater Weather

Although, it actually snowed last night, this is the end. The end of 7 layers of clothing, the end of numb toes, for the love of everything right in the world they’re telling me this is the end of rivaling Snow White’s skin tone. Dear winter, BYE FELICIA.

But hello, afternoon sun heating up the room, you feel so right. This may be a little premature in light of last night, but last weekend and presumably this upcoming weekend will warrant outfits with a sweater and a light jacket or perhaps more skin than just your wrists.

Sweaters, jackets and boots were my top three most missed items while living in Miami. I am however, BEYOND over the heavy sweaters of January and cannot wait for the lighter, less conventional sweaters of spring, summer evenings and fall. Namely, this Dolce Vita crop.

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater 2

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater 3

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater 4
I picked it up at Nordstrom’s Rack in Union Square for $29 from $178. I’ve paired it with Cheap Monday, acid wash jeans here but also plan to wear it over dresses or button ups until the the weather allows for otherwise.

xo Rae


As I recall you know I love to show off

Not really… at all… but I suppose a little bit of flexin’ is necessary, occasionally.

It’s been a LONG time since I picked up a high end brand for a flat out stupid price. A long, long time has passed since I’ve written about my favorite Stuart Weitzman boots I picked up for $75 from like $480 or my vintage Ferragamo clutch or those Ted Baker boots.

Last week while my mom was visiting, I took her to the Union Square Nordstrom’s Rack.

Don’t call it a come back!

I picked up a cashmere, wool blend, camel colored, very classic cut (as much of their stuff is) A.P.C. sweater for 91% off. Upon seeing the $29 price tag marked down from $345, I stifled my desire to RUN to the dressing room. apc sweater outside capsule

Image by Celine of Cup of Rahman.

apc sweater denim and scarf lg

Here, I wore it over a chambray striped button up, under my leather moto, with my latest scarf from my mom.


xo Rae






They said, “winter was so mild last year.” “You’ll be fine”, they said. They said,”you grew up upstate!”

“It’s going to be so cold out you might call your mom and tell her you’re considering jeopardizing your future because you can’t leave the house”, said no one ever.

Excessive, perhaps. So real, though. Bring on the snow, just keep that temp above 25, someone, please. Especially after this weekend? I am so ready for spring, but winter is acting very much like that ex that really needs to let go. It’s going to snow tomorrow, again.

Expectedly, my winter clothes stock was thin. Unsure of a definitive direction for my cold weather wardrobe, during the fall (blog hiatus), pre-storefront, on a Saturday afternoon, I met the owner of Installation Brooklyn and made my first purchase.

Blatantly men’s and extremely shapeless, it was perfect. Perfect for putting a denim or white, flowy tunic under, it was perfect throwing over distressed denim, just perfect for getting extra cozy with leggings and the high socks.  At this point, deep into my first February, at $20, this is what I’d call a success, or Saturday morning’s finest.


All images were taken by Celine of Cup of Rahman

xo Rae


Got Mine

The challenging weather of fashion week made the desire for the perfect coat constant. Let me get the worst part of this story out of the way immediately. I tried on this coat, walked away and left it in the store for over two weeks. Shameful.

Recently, a new vintage shop opened on Nostrand Ave in Bedstuy. I’ve stopped in Installation Brooklyn about once a week since their grand opening.  Margot Hughes, the absolutely delightful owner, is nearly my height and suggested trying the coat when I told her what I was searching for. However, initially, standing there in my sweats and Chucks, I was feeling wary of committing to such a bright color. After a few discussions with girlfriends and observing all of the NYFW street style, I reconsidered. If Cam can close out the McNairy show in a cape, I can wear a red full length coat. Besides, how many black coats can one own? This rhetoric being more self-encouraging than a serious question because we all know infinite black clothing is not only acceptable but celebrated, always. I think this was the Kanye, Kim K, Celine inspired, vintage collaboration I’d been waiting for.

I bought it. And I only paid $65 because realistically winter should be ending soon and it was marked down. Then, Refinery29 referenced me in an article and tweeted about it. Not really, but apparently a NY-born, LA residing fashion blogger was wearing something alarmingly similar around NYFW while NET-A-PORTER’s Senior Editor suggested an equally as bright, blue version.

netaporter tweet blue coat refinery29 NYFW tweet red coat


Truthfully, I couldn’t agree more with their suggestions at this point. The ankle length, double-breasted, stop sign red coat is one of those pieces that makes you walk a little taller while you pray that coat check isn’t mandatory. I kinda think it may need it’s own theme song. Regardless, I’ve worn it with everything from my favorite black leather, Stuart Weitzman boots to Chucks or Timbs and it always feels flawless.


All images were taken by Celine of Cup of Rahman

 xo Rae