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Grow up and get a pair

Last week it was 25 degrees, Monday hit 65 and today it’s going to snow all damn day. Boots that last me 3 years in Miami (obviously, but still) were demolished last winter. And I’m STILL looking for office/dinner/transit friendly boots but I will say, I definitely picked up a crucial, functional pair of boots.

Granted, I 100 percent bit my roommate’s steez, it had to be shared with you. No longer must we submit to childlike, enormous rain boots or duck boots. Although, occasionally cute in ironic wait, duck boots aren’t always appropriate outside of Polar Vortex-esque conditions.

j crew chelsea rain boots

These are actually perfect. They keep my feet dryer than any leather boot I’ve ever owned. From J. Crew, during one of their sales, I got them for $51 from $68 and, as I mentioned, my roommate previously picked up an identical pair from ASOS.

No wet socks on this side bb.

xo Rae

sup dolce vita slides

Fall Feels

Similar to last year, August turned into a little hiatus from writing. Between some new projects and moving, too much life was happening to be on my computer. With the close of summer and NYFW upon us, I did a little fall/season shift shopping this weekend. I think I’m finding a significant draw to textures with little desire to let go of the black/neutral uniform.

The first purchase, dubbed ‘normcore cute’ by a very observant Twitter friend, are perfect for this lingering summer heat and will be worn everything from denim cutoffs to little black dresses. The black, perforated suede, Dolce Vita slides were $50 from  $80 at the DSW at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn.

dolce vita slides 2 dolce vita slides

So it starts, basic lines with detailed textures for the fall feels.

xo Rae

mom keds

Mom tested, kid approved

As the oldest of three and the only daughter, I’d say my parents had a much more critical eye on me and my actions than the following two, naturally. Although, I may not have been the traditional daddy’s little girl, it’s become pretty apparent that growing up all I ever wanted to be was half as an amazing person as my mom.

She stayed at home most of my childhood. I remember constantly being on the go (weird, right?). If it wasn’t taking free tennis and swimming lessons from the city, it was the beach, visiting cousins, going up to the Adirondacks or going to the zoo.

She always wore fresh little white Keds. So at 29, when I showed up to my cousin’s graduation party in this blue polka dot dress and Keds, she asked, “You know I always used to have Keds when you guys were little?”

rose buds and keds

Yea, ma. I know. You’re the reason I had to get a pair after seeing them every time I walked into Nordstrom’s Rack.


Further, I couldn’t more proud to have my style influenced by my mom. Do you see this monochrome white fit she showed up in?! Love you mom.

xo Rae


Monday night The Fader and Converse Rubber Tracks hosted their latest Brooklyn Bound event headlined by New York’s World’s Fair. Bad Rabbits, out of Boston, opened and Brooklyn’s own, Kitty Cash DJed.

Huge props to whoever is handling Brooklyn’s Bound’s booking because both Bad Rabbits and World’s Fair put on a SHOW and to anyone the RSVPed but didn’t come through – sincerely, your loss. I’ve been to a few events Kitty Cash played, she kills no matter what. I’m talking the current turn up tracks, Danny Glover to OG Bobby Johnson to classic Ginuwine and TAMIA (CAPITAL LETTERS because I almost dropped my drink and tripped over my own Chucks) to close the night. I hadn’t listened to much of World’s Fair or even been aware of Bad Rabbits prior to Monday. We arrived while Bad Rabbits was on stage. These boys have soul… AND moves (I see you very Boston, bass player). I will undoubtedly feature them very soon. World’s Fair has that classic New York production and wild showmanship. What could be better? Bad Rabbits came back out to offer World’s Fair a band behind the first half of their performance. I love hip hop over a live band (someone tell Wale to bring it back the go-go, just saying).


Bad Rabbits, lead singer, Fredua “Dua” BoakyeIMG_0120

Nigel Rubirosa of World’s FairIMG_0140

World’s Fair and Bad Rabbits

Monday night, live music in Brooklyn from the Fader and Converse? Chucks, duh. No questions asked. Conveniently, they keep a super reasonable price point, but my secret to fulfill the constant desire for a fresh pair? DSW stores and online always have them for a little cheaper and regularly mark them down to around $35.  I mean, two please? Really.

fader converse rubber tracks brooklyn bound chuck taylors celine

All images were taken by Celine of Cup of Rahman and check her video below.

xo Rae


pre-move purchase

It’s been nearly a month.  As one can assume with any big change in one’s life, realistically not everything can be all rainbows and unicorns.  Thankfully my final days in Miami were packed with friends, family, the beach and a few really late nights that went virtually perfectly.  The drive up was awesome and we made it here in one piece.  Regardless, with some delays, I’m moved in, adjusting and so happy to be here.

While transitioning and looking for some steady work, shopping and going out have taken a back seat to getting set up and hustling.  However, prior to leaving, recognizing shopping would inevitably become merely out of necessity, I picked up something that seemed unnecessary at the time but has proven to be a new wardrobe staple.

steve madden cutout boots repp dsw

Originally $129.99, these cutout ankle booties, Repp by Steve Madden were at DSW marked down to $89.99.  Knowing I should be putting every penny towards saving and my move, I left them once.   Obviously, I had to go back.  I had $10 off from the DSW rewards program.  So I got them for $80 and have worn them nearly every night I’ve gone out and had to catch a train into the city solo.  They are PERFECT.  I like to be prepared but even I surprised myself with these.

xo Rae




sam edelman sandals


I am fortunate (I suppose) enough to have a friend here from my hometown who, although may not have always been as close as we are now, I have essentially known my entire life.  Being so far from home it is really great to have someone that just gets you.  Whether it’s our similar upbringings, mutual guilty pleasure of less than eloquent hip-hop lyrics or our similar attitude, there is certainly something to be said about a good friend that can tell you they hate your shoes without any consequences.

As Joey used to call one of my old pair of gladiators, “300 wheels”, I couldn’t help but shake my head while anticipating his input on the new Sam Edelman’s I picked up Friday after work.  Let me clarify, translate, if you will.  Wheels being shoes and “300” referring the movie with a half clothed Gerard Butler.  You follow?  I vividly recall one afternoon, upon my arrival in Fort Lauderale him saying “Rae, you look great… from the ankles up.”  Friendship at it’s finest right there.

sam edelman sandals

I snagged these Sam Edelman’s on clearance at Marshall’s in Dolphin Mall.  From originally $120, marked down to $59.99, I picked them up for only $29.  At 76% off, I saved $91.

Seal of approval?  We’ll have to see.

xo Rae

nine west nude wedges

I can’t turn down nude leather

My buddy Jerry and I had an hour and a half to kill prior to needing to get ready before a late Saturday evening Yardbird reservation while he was visiting in May.  So I showed him the Aventura DSW with no intention of purchasing anything but we all know how that goes. Just when you aren’t looking, well you know, some opportunities are hard to pass up, particularly, extremely, versatile wedges that scream pure perfection.

nine west nude wedges

God, I love neutrals.  From originally $98 to $49.99, I picked up these Nine West wedges for just about 50% off.  I’ve since worn them to dinner that night with a pale yellow dress, to pool parties, to church for a midday wedding and with my favorite distressed denim.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND picking up a pair for the summer.

xo Rae


BDG denim barIII dress joie aldo hi-tops

cold feet

A common side effect of ambivalence is cold feet.  I challenge you to think of one positive thing about having cold feet.  The wish-washy-ness is either effecting someone else, failing something that was planned to fulfill oneself, or more literally, needing a warm, fuzzy pair of socks.

Fortunately, ambivalence is something that I, not only cannot relate to but will take precautionary measures to avoid.  People are easy, make your own decisions for you and you’re good, but summer in Miami has an unsettling, daily degree of uncertainty.  Almost everyday the forecast consists of sun, high humidity, clouds, showers and possible thunderstorms.  Additionally, I really hate cold feet, figuratively and literally.

Like that ex-boyfriend that shows such great signs of trying and improving only to inevitably drop the ball, the sun has been out almost every morning, only to be raining just in time for the commute home.  To combat the fluctuating, contradicting weather and ward off potentially wet toes in an air-conditioned room (hell), my footwear has been strictly sneakers and boots.

poolside bar III shirt dress BDG jeans aldo hi-tops joie top

Now, to maintain in this state irresolute, it’s all about versatility.  I wore a pair of BDG distressed denim jeans that have never graced the blog.  They were originally $76 and I grabbed them for $24 at Urban Outfitters.  With them, I wore an eggshell colored, loose, silky tank (by Joie, not on the blog), my Aldo hi-tops and (here’s the dealbreaker/outfit-maker) my bar III shirt dress.  I have worn that shirt dress in so many different combos, during different seasons, in different cities!   Check it out below!

So… to recap, know what you like and don’t like, stay prepared utilizing versatility, do you and carry an umbrella, just in case you get caught out in the rain.

xo Rae

bar III shirt dress

Clockwise from the top left:
At Bounce in NYC with Yosh and Anthony, January 2013
At the Carrier Dome, Syracuse v. Louisville game with Matty, March 2013
Going to Lava at Turning Stone Resort & Casino, with Meggy, Fallon and Joa, March 2013
At  the Fontainebleau, in Miami, April 2013
nike in season trainer womens gray pink instagram

just do it

If I told you the last time I bought sneakers to run or workout it, you wouldn’t believe that I was an NCAA athlete during all four years of college.  Currently, I prefer to do workouts that do not resemble running when I am solo.  I truly wish I loved to run but I like to swim, do yoga-esque stretches, rollerblade and do free and body weight exercises at home, none of which require sneakers.  I mean, I own old Nike Shocks, Puma flats and volleyball Aasics but I would probably not wear any of them around other humans I know personally.

Lately, though, I have been having this sneaking sensation resembling a desire to run.  My close friends are definitely laughing right now, but really, it wouldn’t kill me to jog.  Further, it’s been raining so much my rollerblading has suffered.  A wet pavement and skates are not my safest option.

Friday evening I headed to DSW on the last day my $5 off, birthday reward was valid.  Nothing particularly sparked my interest or fell within what I was looking to spend.  The time had finally come to get myself a pair of kicks to run in.  I tried on the Women’s Nike  In-Season Trainers.  They have a comfy fit and seem super breathable.  They were on clearance, so from originally $72, they were marked down to $42.  I also picked up a six-pack of Aasics girly colored socks at $12.95 from $18.00.  With my $5 birthday discount, I ended up paying $49.95 and saving about $40.

nike in season trainer womens gray pink instagram

So far I’ve run late to work in them and ran a couple errands.  I think I am getting the hang of this.

xo Rae


aldo canvas hi-tops sneakers2

what not to do… well, as long as it isn’t frequently

A couple weeks ago, during every free second outside of work I was looking for a necklace to wear to the LLS Champions of Hope Gala.  At lunch one afternoon, I opted to run down to Dolphin Mall.  In an effort to avoid evening traffic and not get lost in there, I went in with a game plan.

BCBG, Aldo, Saks off 5th and the Bloomies outlet was the goal.  Fail, on all fronts.  No necklace.  And I failed with the plan.  The plan was to get in, get through those stores and get out, pronto.  Nope, not happening.

However, I mean, depending how you look at it, I did pick up a pair of sneakers and I have been trying to find a pair for a couple weeks.  Justification?  Perhaps.  Worth it?  Totally.  Unfortunately, they were not quite appropriate for the gala.  Whatever.

Aldo canvas hi-tops sneakers


They were in the outlet but I don’t know if they were discounted.  And to be quite honest, I did not care.  I paid $65 for them and I love them.  The end.

xo Rae