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Who do we talk to about inside pockets for women’s coats? 

So we saw my men’s jacket, essentially (hopefully) appropriate for my figure. Still had a waist and fell right below the widest part of my hips/thighs which is surprisingly wonderful since I’m taking an apparent hiatus from women’s clothes.

Did I fail to mention we showed up to the Gilt sale with an actual team? Sarah, one of my roommates also picked up a men’s coat at the Gilt sale. She actually has that great boyish figure and skinny legs. A completely different look, but this Hickey Freeman coat works amazing for her too.

photo (1)

She picked up this camel, suede coat for $159 from 785. The length of the sleeves allowed for her to cuff them, exposing the interior print.

I’m trying to tell you boys, anything you can do we can do better.

xo Rae and Sarah of The New Park Ave

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I’m not new to this

As I’ve repeatedly mentioned on Twitter (@raewitte, shameless plug), I’ve purchased more men’s than women’s clothes in the past couple weeks. Realistically, I thought the Gilt City sale would bring a little disruption to the pattern. It didn’t.

Boys’ sneakers and pants have become the norm but now I have add to jackets to the mix with this Paul Smith coat I picked up literally walking to check out at Gilt City’s Raid the Warehouse Sale on Saturday morning. And at $149 from $985… let me repeat that, at $149 from $985, I may actually feel guilty for how inexpensive it was. Regardless, I love it in navy blue as I’ve seen similar coats in green or black but not this.

paul smith jacket 2

Dear boys,

 It seems as though I’m going to steal your clothes or just buy them myself and wear them better. <3

xo Rae

IMG_2594 edit

One Of A Kind Mom Jeans

“Debbie, do you own anything but mom jeans?”

“ew, no.”

Yes, that was a question directed at me. Recently, a friend mentioned I remind him of his childhood neighbor’s mom, Debbie Daddio. I’m not really sure my feelings on it yet, but I definitely only rock with mom jeans, so shout out to Debbie.

I read about The Vintage Twin a few weeks ago on Bedford & Bowery. Not only was the pop-up location close to where I was meeting a girlfriend for drinks, they were open until 10pm. Dangerously, convenient, I had to stop by. I walked into the mecca of vintage cutoffs, thankfully, as I was struggling to find some new ones well into June. Even more amazing, a lot of their stuff was “reworked” or custom. Check these one of a kind cutoffs I picked up for only $36.

IMG_2591 edit IMG_2597 editIMG_2592 edit 

Perfect for this road trip, I wore them with this not so mom-ish, very 90s inspired, snap up, crop from Urban Outfitters. You can follow @TheVintageTwin on their social outlets and see where they will pop-up next.

xo Debbie


Combo #1

A few of my favorite combinations include champagne and sunrises, puppies and froyo, boys that are mixed (for now), and insomnia and Instagram but most importantly, I believe I’ve determined my favorite combination of clothes. After surviving a sample of all four seasons my favorite wardrobe combination is leather, denim, a cotton t-shirt and sneakers, primarily chucks as of late.

IMG_1191blog edit

No, this isn’t my leather jacket from Gilt that I got for over $300 off. This is the LATEST. From Guvnor’s in Park Slope, which will soon be online only, I picked up this very 80s, real leather jacket. Since they are going to be an online only retailer soon they are (still) having an ongoing sale get rid of some of their inventory thus allowing me to get this jacket for $35. It ends this Sunday, May 18 at their Grand Closing Party, details here.

I also like sales and sharing.

xo Rae



Leather Weather

Sometimes you really need to connect and digress. So sometimes you have to make separate plans with four different groups of friends in one day. And sometimes it turns into THAT type of discussion where you’re sitting on the floor at your girlfriend’s place, showing up solo at basement bars or sitting up in a closed restaurant until sunrise. Or maybe that’s just me.

It’s days like this that include multiple rounds of coffee, are drowned in wine and require the most versatile (and comfortable) outfit I can pull together. Spring is easing in, and once I attempted to not wear boys clothes I remembered I have a waist and I like dressing like a female.



Above images were taken by Celine of Cup of Rahman

So for a full day of running all over the city between diverse company in a wide range of venues, I kept it very simple.  I finally get to break out my leather jacket that I’ve had since Christmas that was ordered (thanks mom) off of Gilt from $590 to $155  and put it over a Chaudry KC belted cardigan I picked up at Nordstrom’s Rack in Union Square at $29 for a little over half off. It’s officially leather weather.

xo Rae

bw1 bw3

Champagne and Blind Trust

On arguably the most lovely day in recent weeks, I was texting my fellow Miami to New York transplant trying to fulfill the need to do something (ANYTHING) with the pure perfection that was Saturday. She sent a screen shot of an email and explained, “I think they’re having a sale and serving champagne and someone is speaking. I am going to RSVP for us.” Sale. Champagne. Perfect Saturday. YES. I am truly grateful to have girlfriends I blindly trust for weekend afternoon adventures.

We took our sweet time to enjoy the weather, walk, catch up and look further into The Little Black Box‘s, Let’s Talk About Sex, private shopping event featuring Ampere lingerie and sex educator and writer, Kate McCombs. Upon arrival, a group of impressive female entrepreneurs, owners of both Ampere lingerie and The Little Black Box, greeted us. Ampere’s philosophy is based on a customized shopping experience boasting an unheard of range of sizes. Co-founder and Harvard Law grad (who was recently featured in Forbes, smart babe) Jaibei Chen told my girlfriend and I about their beautiful 100% silk lingerie and discussed their recent successful kickstarter campaign. Another articulate and stunning young woman, Natalie, one of LBB’s founders, schooled us on their company, the products they carry and their line of intimate accessories (READ: classy sex toys). Talk about whole in the market. How trashy are most “sex shops” and how disheartening has the sex toy party realistically become? It’s like middle America got a stack of Cosmos and cracked a hard cover edition of 50 Shades of Gray while simultaneously watching through every season of SATC. Just shoot me. My Human Sex class in college for my Health Ed minor offered hosting a party and writing about it AS AN ASSIGNMENT, a solid indication of becoming… outdated, minimally.

Natalie, the girls of LBB and Ampere get it. Take your pleasure seriously, drop all the smutty lingo and put it in impeccable, discreet, very sexy packaging. One of their products is rechargeable on any USB port (MIND BLOWN). It’s 2014 and there’s a new breed of women out here. Finally, these ladies brought in Kate McCombs for a discussion on pleasure, anatomy and pretty much whatever we damn well pleased after a few glasses of champagne. Following a brief anonymous Q&A session, she was available for some one on one discussions too. Free education. The more you know… ya know?

Around 4:30, with the sunshine still beaming, my  girlfriend and I poured a final glass of champagne and toasted to a perfectly celebrated International Woman’s Day. I highly recommend doing your research on these women, their brands and most importantly – how it applies to you.

xo Rae

“Take your pleasure seriously.” – Charles Eames

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Some things are the same

I know you’re feeling very Nothing Was The Same, new city, new look, how I switched it up with a new name?! It’s been a minute since we kicked it. Don’t worry, you know me. I’m just flexin’. Hold up, hold my phone… GOD, I can’t stop. Sorry. 

During October, I was running around last minute trying to pick up something safe for a job interview. I hate safe. I was playing it super safe, at Marshall’s on Atlantic Ave. Upon coming across what was likely the least safe dress in the store, I tried it on. Worst.

The dress fit perfectly. I left it there.

December rolled around and similar to how I feel today about Drake’s NWTS, I still hadn’t let it go. On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I went back. Perhaps because it was long enough to fit me and a size small, it was still there. At this point having been marked down to practically nothing, I bought it.

NYE tart dress with reggie

The long sleeve, deep v cut, maxi is by Tart, which can be found at Nordstroms but is also frequently featured on Gilt. From around $130, I picked it up for $35.

For my first (frigid) New Year’s in New York I wore it to a friend’s party with my great aunt’s vintage fur.

NYE tart dress fur coat homeProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

images by Celine of Cup of Rahman

Especially with the never ending Polar Vortex (check, my wardrobe is definitely reflecting a transition, 305 to my city, Brooklyn. But, with a New Year’s Eve in that dress with a New Year’s Day looking like this –  I get it, I get it.

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Seriously, maybe I’ll go listen to We Made It or Trophies and give NWTS a little break.

xo Rae

woolrich trillby mens hat gilt city nyc 2

one of the boys

I am not quite sure what it is.  I can only assume, it’s the need for warmer clothes, lots of warmer clothes.  Sandals, cut offs and a bikini top simply won’t cut it lately. While one of my best girlfriends sent me a video from the Lincoln Road vintage market we used to frequent, I headed to the the Union Square Holiday Market.  At about a 60+ degree difference, my wardrobe is definitely adjusted.

But seriously, this weather just makes me want to wear men’s clothes, no lie.  I mean, I want to have leggings or my jeans, but hats, sneakers, over-sized sweaters, more masculine button ups and coats, ALL OF THAT.

I recently went to one of my favorite bi-annual events, the Gilt City #RaidtheWarehouse sale.  If you aren’t signed up yet, click here and do so!  I’ve attended and written about it numerous times.  After thoroughly shopping the women’s section, I headed over to the men’s side.

woolrich trillby mens hat gilt city nyc 2 woolrich trillby mens hat gilt city nyc

In the men’s accessories section I picked up this Trillby Woolrich, crushable wool hat.  Sold.  From $60 to $29 with an additional 15% off because I test drove a drop top Infiniti bringing the cost down to $25.  Don’t mind if I do, thank you.

Conveniently, I went from having more girlfriends in Miami to being closer to more of my boys here.  Watch your closets boys, my winter wardrobe is lacking.

xo Rae

Summer Inventory

As I was travelling more and shopping less at the end of June and beginning of July I decided compiling two months worth of shopping would be best.


Purchase Original Actual
Nike In Season Trainers $72 $42
BDG distressed denim jeans $76 $24
ASOS Beaded Midi dress $101 $50.00
15 AMAZING FREE DOWNLOADS          $15* $0
Kimchi Blu crochet tank $44 $19
Kimchi Blu embroidered circle skirt $49 $10
Cheap Monday gray acid wash jeans $75 $30
Nine West nude leather wedges $98 $49.99
American Apparel denim circle skirt $52 $35
Unlimited week MTA card $50 $30
Kelsi Dagger studded cross body $98 $60
Vintage Lee jean jacket $50 $0
Conquest Maxi Dress $88 $52
Two Tone Michael Kors watch $240 $210
Two Tone green amythyst ring $300 $100
Sam Edelman sandals $120 $29
French Connection silk salmon pants $130 $50
Ecote crochet top $54 $19.99
Theory shirt dress $130 $40
Pins and Needles eyelet sweetheart crop $30 $9.99
total $1,857 $861

In the last two hectic months I saved just a few dollars under $1000 on nearly $2000 worth of stuff.  Currently, I’m back to NY prep and if it weren’t for saving I’d be trying to buy this French Connection leather jacket marked from from $470 to $220 but… priorities.

xo Rae

photo (46)

american apparel denim circle skirt

shopping on the Tour de Rae

Shopping on the Tour de Rae wasn’t supposed to happen.  And, quite honestly, for the most part, it didn’t.  The Tour de Rae consisted of two weddings on bookend weekends in Upstate NY and in Beverly, MA, separated by 5 days in NYC and ending with a Sunday in Boston, yesterday.  With a wide variety of options, the amount of shopping I resisted is commendable (but you should totally check the 20 percent off everything sale going on now).

Wednesday evening I was trying to connect with one of my guy friends that likes shopping equally (if not more) as me which was good because I could shop with him, for him and not myself.  In our evening plan making we were both separately trying to get to the gym and run some errands prior to meeting in Soho.  I arrived, surprisingly, on time, by 8:15.  Consequently, I ended up having about 30 minutes to kill.  Instead of opting for the few streets I am most familiar with, I found myself on Lafayette in some resemblance of an American Apparel outlet.  Destiny?  Probably.  You should definitely stop by.

I exercised extreme self-control and walked out with simply one skirt.  The high-waisted denim circle skirt was originally (and is still available on the website) for $52.  I got mine for $35 which is about a third off.  Circle skirts are awesome because they fit on your natural waist and are flattering over your hips.  Big hips, big fan, two thumbs up.

american apparel denim circle skirt

I ended up wearing it out to lunch with my combat boots and a sleeveless collared shirt Friday afternoon running around the city visiting people. And although I returned to Miami with more stuff than I left with this is only 1 of 2 items I bought during my 10 days out of Miami.  Hash tag PROUD.

xo Rae