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Bae Bae: Nick Nery

As he has become a permanent part of my daily rotation and who I recommend to absolutely everyone, it only seemed necessary I share him here.

Nick Nery is the 21 year old, very soulful voice with very little information on him on the internet. So, I reached out to Nick. He writes a lot of his songs and works a lot with two producers by the names of Niko (son of DJ Babu  of Dilated Peoplees) and Kyle . Between his vocals, lyrics and the fact that he plays the ukelele you should minimally see if he appeals to your taste. I also found out his biggest inspiration to sing is his father, who sings and Nick says is actually “pretty cool” although he attributes his influences to Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, Kolohe Kai, Diana Krall, Coldplay, Gorillaz, John Legend and Bradley Nowell of Sublime.

The Cali boy has pipes and something to say. Below I’ve used restraint, listed just a few of my favorite lyrics and provided a playlist of my favorite songs of his. Get to know Nick Nery (and send him to all of your talented friends that are looking for features).

Am I love or do I just love myself? – Loving You

I guess it’s not you, its what you represent. – MissedCalls

xo Rae


Get with it or don’t. In no particular order, below I’ve listed my Top 25 tracks from 2014 that were under the radar that you should definitely know about. Some will be from artists you know (and a few may not have flown that low) while others should implore you to check out the entire catalog of some that might be new to you. Needless to say with the projects slated for 2015 from the established and up and comers, I am very much looking forward to putting you on and I welcome anyone that wants to send me tracks.

Enjoy! Be Safe and Happy New Year!

Tom Misch – You’ve Got Me Flying
Jordan Rakei – Add The Bassline
Honne – Warm On A Cold Night
Kun – Valentine Jazz
Willow Smith – Female Energy Freestyle
Kali Uchis – I’m Real
Ciara – Sorry (Shepard Sounds Mix)
Kelela – Send Me Out (Obey City Mix)
Jessie Ware ft. Miguel – Kind Of… Sometimes… Maybe
Melo-X & Beyoncé – Drunk In Lust (Version 2)
Theophilus London ft. Jesse Boykins – Tribe (MIX)
A$AP Ferg – Work (Flow-Fi Mix)
The Neighbourhood ft. Danny Brown- H8M4CH1N3
Travi$ Scott – Drugs You Should Try It
Tunji Ige – Slow Dance
Pizzle – Cheeks
Bobby Raps – Ready
Theophilus London – Do Girls
Joe Kay –  Don’t You (Traphouse Mix)
Ty Dolla $ign ft Weekend – Or Nah Remix
SchoolBoy Q – Studio
PARTYNEXTDOOR – Persian Rugs (Joe Kay Edit)
The Stan4rd – Tryna Fuk/No Reply
Tropics – Blame

xo Rae

view from the Fontainebleau

Going, Going, Back, Back to Basel

After departing over a year ago, I’m finally going back to visit Miami. My favorite week was always during Art Basel and the growing amount of satellite fairs in early December. Obviously, this is when I’ve planned my first visit. As a former resident and seasoned Baseler, I’ve combed through plenty of lists, guides and invites. Granted there are A LOT of events I’d like to make it to and just might, as there are definitely some that I’ll be attending that aren’t on this list, however, this is a short list of events/places/exhibits I am attending or highly recommend making it to.

Now is the best opportunity for visitors to get to Wynwood. There is so much more to Miami than South Beach. In addition to being home to a majority of Miami’s galleries, the Wynwood walls are amazing and there are plenty of events going on during Basel.

An installation that I need to make it a point to see is Andre 3000’s “i feel ya: SCAD + Andre 3000 Benjamin”. At Mana Wynwood from December 3-14, the mixed media exhibit will feature the 47 custom jumpsuits Andre 3k wore on Outkast’s reunion tour this past year.

Between the champagne, Soho House/Harper’s Bazaar shopping and beauty pop-ups and the round the clock openings, receptions and exhibits a little something to do right by your body and break up the monotony will be required. Friday morning from 10am to noon may be ambitious but there’s free yoga at the Loews Hotel. I presume my partner in crime will not make this but I will need to get my zen in. Namaste bae baes.

Not one but two Friday night parties will undoubtedly have the best music of the week, IMO. FKA Twigz, James Blake, SBTRKT, A$AP Ferg and Kelala are having performances or shows but for parties, I recommend trying to get into these two. At Soho Studios, in Miami proper, Ketel One’s Friday night edition of the De Nolet event has Cashmere Cat (who headlined an epic Saturday this past summer at MoMA PS1) and NY DJ, GetLive. I’ve seen both and this event will be great. Also, Friday evening, but on the beach, during Le Baron’s 10 Year Anniversary and week long, pop-up take over, “Airball at the Delano“, Snarkiture vs. Alchemist features performances by Theophilus London and Travis Scott.

Contrary to my New Yorker’s belief, while Miamians may be very body conscious, they do eat. You’ll want to have a reservation and you’ll want it somewhere besides staple Prime 112 or Prime Italian. You must try Yardbird. Their speciality drink menu single handedly elevated my appreciation and ability to drink bourbon, like an adult, sort of. And, chicken and waffles, so there’s that.

Seemingly, my faves are music centric. Surprised or nah? You can follow along on Snapchat at knewyork. Although I’m Snapchatless, I’ll be sidekicking here all weekend.

Of course you can find me my own Twitter and IG, both @raewitte but I’ll also be contributing to Luxury Attache’s Twitter and IG @luxuryattache.

If you’re going or have any Miami questions a former resident can help you with, feel free to reach out to me at contactraewitte (at) gmail dot com.

Happy Baseling!

xo Rae

like it’s 1998…

Could there be a jacket more appropriate? An 80s baby to the fullest, I think I own the CD version of the majority of the album’s featured on Kinship’s, 90’s girl bomber.

Just a few weeks after attending the streetwear panel, my close friend expressed deciding to diversify his line and as next of kin, a music blogger and an R&B addict, I couldn’t be any more supportive. Kinship Shop owner, Reggie Thomas started with bomber jackets featuring The Diplomats and after having such a positive reaction, Bad Boy and Cash Money coats followed.

What about the girls though? And with that void needing to be filled, he carefully selected 35 albums that are basically the foundation of every modern day ‘sad girls’ catalog. From Brandy, to Aaliyah’s ‘Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number’, to Mariah’s ‘Honey’ to supreme 90s divas, Mary J and Whitney, Kinship’s latest is STRICTLY for the ladies.


Although, right now they are available exclusively online, very soon New Yorkers can pick up theirs at VFILES, on Mercer in Soho.

So… I’m thinking I am going to revisit ‘Age Ain’t Nothin But a Number’ and ‘The Velvet Rope’ first.

xo Rae

Future Beats Show, El Blanco Nino Interview

For about a month now, I have been writing for Complexion and Yazbeat’s, The Future Beat Show blog. The show itself is Sunday night on London’s radio station, for old and new skool hip-hop and R&B, Westside Radio from 11-2am GMT (or 6-8pm EST). Two hours of very vibey, up and coming, London flavor, R&B with trap undertones.

Complexion and Yaz, feature and work with a wide variety of artists and producers from literally around the world. As I am the only Brooklyn based editor, they asked if I would be interested in interviewing some of New York artists they’ve featured and I quickly obliged.

Every Sunday you can live stream The Future Beats Show at I chatted with BX boy, El Blanco Nino, known for his slowed, screwed mixes, who recently released a killer remix of Pharrell’s GUSH off the Girl album.

TFBS 11.2

Thank you very much to everyone that tuned in and tweeted me while you were listening – GREATLY appreciated!

Here’s is the full interview, check it!

xo Rae

Cuffing Season Kick-Off Tracks

After truly believing Big Sean killed cuffing season with the BITTEREST break up anthem ever, IDFWU, I really thought NYers would hold off on settling down and the emo tweets for at least a few weeks. Mustard on the beat offers that very right now sound, as he is being overplayed by every DJ ever and Kanye’s input offers a very nostalgic feel but also makes me question just how much influence was on Big Sean lyrically. But, ENOUGH about this because even Big Sean already snatched up Ariana Grande and thanks God for her on his second verse between screaming how few f*cks he actually gives about ex-fiance Naya Rivera.

Turn down now, because it’s inevitable. And I have two songs that will bring more than enough heat, both, subsequently from the UK.

So on the heels of Big Sean’s Friday release, as the temp continues to dip and the social medias flourish with feels, Jessie Ware sneaks up on everyone with her latest from her EP Tough Love, Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe. IMO, this will be her biggest song stateside. We’ll see. Between Ware’s lyrics begging to forget and Miguel, whispering THE sexiest, sweet nothings (read “what you mean baby”, “do you need some company?”, “do you miss me?”, “you want me to come over?”, “I just wanna talk”)  this song will indeed get you into trouble. Yea… like that person… yea, that one. I think I’m done here. Jeez. Throw it on repeat, but only if it’s before like 6pm, otherwise hand your phone to your roommate and turn it up because the nights are getting cold my friends.

Subsequently, these boys will, in fact, keep you warm, perhaps the type of good guys that Jessie Ware is keeping busy with instead those dead wrong ones. Vocalist, James and producer, Andy put together pure audio seduction that is impossible not to submit to. Warm On a Cold Night, the debut single off their recently released first project, is a very sexy, blind love professing track. Nicely done boys.

Good luck out there boys and girls. If you don’t lock something down, here’s hoping you have a great place and even better roommates.

xo Rae

Bae: Jordan Rakei

Australia, thank you. Unbeknownst to myself I came across an edit of Jordan Rakei’s track Bassline, nearly a year ago and I played it to death. It’s now featured on autumn release, his EP, Groove Curse. However, a few months ago I gave the very, VERY soulful Rakei’s catalog a full listen starting with his on spin on Radiohead’s Bodysnatchers. Yea, the 22 year old boy makes me feel FEELS.

With influences and inspiration from the likes Radiohead, Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder, it’s no surprise that the singer/songwriter/producer/musician/babe’s songs are very vocally driven. Below, my favorites (particularly lyrical favorites) from his Soundcloud.

And here, his latest project, check my favorite’s Alright, with very D’Angelo-esque vibes and the song that made me get familiar, Bassline.

The piano with his very smooth vocals, gives most of his songs a warmth that is PERFECT for winter days spent in the house. <3

x0, Rae

Baes, Majid Jordan

Truthfully, after listening to everything on Soundcloud from Majid Jordan, I can’t find a reason OVO Sound put more into PARTYNEXTDOOR than them. Don’t get me wrong, I like a selection of songs from his first EP from last year, but the latest? NAH. Production was great, but the jacked Rich Homie Quan/Migos flow with trash lyrics on Recognize is actually up for the most disappointing, lyrically and vocally underwhelming, track of the year, FURTHERING my confusion. Drake couldn’t even save that track for me.

Meanwhile, just over a week after it dropped, I gave A Place Like This a listen. OH. MAN. I’m mad at myself. How did this take an entire week for me to even stumble across let alone listen to?

I am truly disappointed in myself for not giving their first project, After Hours, a full listen LAST August. An embarrassment. My only excuse is that it was my moving week and I was driving up the East Coast listening to an incredible summer’s worth of music. A few tracks offer Daft Punk vibes and I was actually familiar with Hold Tight from random Soundcloud mixes. The piano intro on Patience is reminiscent of Drake’s, Fireworks, and the very smooth vocals are complimentary of the production (which is exactly the opposite of how I feel of the aforementioned PND track). However, the track that sealed the deal for me and required me to put you on to Majid Jordan has to be Chill Pad Deluxe.

I am really feeling guitar this summer and with a hint of Jamie XX, my heart dropped. And as the sucker for the lyrics and vocabulary that I am, to start the song “What are you doing? You making things seem convoluted. You taking simple and throwing it out the window.” Do you even know what convoluted means? Look it up. Regardless, later in the bridge (1:12 to be exact) I get Isley Brothers vibes and I’m done. I apologize for not taking a liking to them earlier. And you’re welcome.

Oh and I also came across a SPIN article where the boys are holding stemless wine glasses. Although I prefer their looks from the video, they’re a nice touch bbs. Stay classy Toronto. <3

xo Rae


Turn Down for This

With my first summer in NY finally reaching a resemblance of that Miami heat, I finally turned on the AC.  In a conscious effort to slow the ef down and remain cool with NY’s overall lack of appreciation for air conditioning (or ConEd’s lack of respect), I put together a playlist of my current transit music. Turn down for this.

kitty cash

Bae of the Day: Kitty Cash

I’ve mentioned her a couple times. She played at both the Converse Rubber Tracks x Fader event and the #NokiaFW party where her bestie, Kilo Kish performed however, I first came across her when SSENSE featured a mix she put together for them. At the time, it was easily the best I’d heard in months making my heart skip literal beats. Honestly, I just tried to select a few tracks to highlight, can’t do it. The entire thing is good.

After her catching her live a few times and getting through her Soundcloud, it became pretty apparent that she will continue to have my full support. First, her debut mixtape, Love the Free was featured by Vogue, no big deal. At this point I went ahead and followed her on Twitter. Although she seems to play it safe, understandably as in addition to DJing and all the gigs that come with that job, she also is a fashion publicist for G-Star, I caught her mid-rant one day. In addition to her music and her hustle, I dig her attitude too after seeing her tweet “Cool doesn’t pay the bills”, and sharing the similar thoughts on some of the social media famous, “but… what do you DO?”

Finally, the reason you’re hearing about her today, her I AM WOMAN mix, featuring CLASSIC Mary J and Janet Jackson as well as an Eartha Kitt segment I very personally identify with. It was released on Buzzfeed yesterday along with her below statement on Woman’s History Month.

“To me, celebrating Women’s History Month was more about honoring the woman that I am becoming and paying homage to the women of influence. In order to do that, I had to dig into what embodied the women I have aspired to be and the reasoning behind that.I wanted to highlight songs that took me through a specific journey of my womanhood, whilst challenging and bringing awareness to a few ideas that women, including myself, are constantly faced with such as: compromise, sexism, sexuality, vulnerability power, perception and success.Through this mix, the aforementioned concepts are intertwined through the lyrics and conversations of all of these trailblazing artists.” – Kitty CashReleased exclusively via BuzzFeed”

I mean, in the famous words of another Brooklyn native, what more can I say?

xo Rae