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Normcore Come Up

For those of you don’t frequent downtown Manhattan check this Gawker article for a more in depth definition of normcore.

Ok now you follow? Perhaps the two biggest normcore influences I refer to are Obama (dressed down obvi) and my dad, as I sit here in his old button up denim, my running sneakers and black jeans.

As I mentioned, I found myself far more interested in the daily street style galleries during NYFW than a lot of what was on the run way. While I was flipping through NY Mag’s I came across The Cut’s number 1 ranked fashion girl. It was Rachael Wang, NY-based stylist, in GAP. Wild. I screen shot the below image and had to go check it out (Pinterest for what).



Upon stepping foot into Gap for the first time since like what, middle school, I found the dress immediately.  Once I tried it on I realized it was indeed the perfect length, white, shirt dress with a tiny bit of swag via that hemline. However reasonable it is,  I didn’t NEED it for $80. I knew I’d get use out of it but I left it to think about it.


After finding myself noticing Gap a lot more than normal, I ended up strolling by the Herald Square location one too many times until one day, there was a store wide sale. And you know what happens next. I bought it for a SUPER reasonable $45. Take that fashion week. Normcore needs for this Brooklyn girl brought to you by Gap and their #dressnormal campaign. Who knew? Dear Gap – YOU RIGHT. 

xo Rae

images by Celine of Cup Of Rahman 

h and m black dress

If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad

Inevitably as I get older, I find… things… in my life that for whatever reason have withstood the test of time and although rather unintrusive and subsequently, insignificant, they’ve lingered, for years. It seems as though these things (places, activities, habits, perhaps even people) do not warrant my love and dedication nor do they negatively effect my life enough to fully rid of them. These things are consistent and serve a purpose but clearly never really  fully provide me what I need.

This is my relationship with H&M. When living upstate and working at the casino, constantly getting new, “trendy” clothes seemed like a necessity. However, once I relocated to Miami, to my then shock and dismay, there wasn’t one. Not until my last 8 months did the one on Lincoln Road finally open and by then I had kind of forgotten about it. Out of sight, out of mind perhaps. That, and it was always such mob scene, I just wasn’t that into it.

Now one complete year back in NY, after collabs with Isabel Marant at the end of 2013, Jeff Koons this year and the recent announcement of working with Alexander Wang, I decided to revisit the old go-to.

h and m black dress 2


Cheap, simple, necessary. I got this easy, racerback, knee length black dress, with pockets for less than $25 and wore it with my new suede slides. Please believe this will transition through the fall with me and I will wear it with sweaters, my leather, tights and all different footwear.

So, you see H&M, if you continue to come through like this, on the rare occasion I visit, I guess we’ll have to stay in touch.

xo Rae


Influence for Impulse

The 90s glorified the bodies of supermodels like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. High-waisted jeans may have been a thing then but the tiny Baywatch booty was the desired. Conveniently, this was pre-puberty, allowing me to get through to the early 2000s when rappers sang and my favorite R&B/Pop princesses ruled the airwaves slowly adjusting views of ideal body types. Enter, JLo and later Beyonce and the “thick” girls have made it mainstream. Thank God. 

They made way for bodies like Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Iggy Azalea. Those of us with similar figures are gaining a wider variety of influences for our own personal style. As I mentioned before, it is difficult and borderline delusional for me to get caught up in too many “trends” but with women like the aforementioned setting them, I can definitely get down. One of the more modest looks among them, with Kim K in particular murdering the silhouette, is the defined waist and longer skirt than normal (because thighs). kim k iggy


from and

So, I too decided to try the longer, fitted dress.

IMG_1447blogedit IMG_1404blogedit

I walked into the Soho Zara, saw the cut, didn’t even try it on and picked it up for $50. I still stand by choosing clothes that are flattering for your body but if you know some staple cuts that compliment your body, it’s easy.

xo Rae

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Some things are the same

I know you’re feeling very Nothing Was The Same, new city, new look, how I switched it up with a new name?! It’s been a minute since we kicked it. Don’t worry, you know me. I’m just flexin’. Hold up, hold my phone… GOD, I can’t stop. Sorry. 

During October, I was running around last minute trying to pick up something safe for a job interview. I hate safe. I was playing it super safe, at Marshall’s on Atlantic Ave. Upon coming across what was likely the least safe dress in the store, I tried it on. Worst.

The dress fit perfectly. I left it there.

December rolled around and similar to how I feel today about Drake’s NWTS, I still hadn’t let it go. On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I went back. Perhaps because it was long enough to fit me and a size small, it was still there. At this point having been marked down to practically nothing, I bought it.

NYE tart dress with reggie

The long sleeve, deep v cut, maxi is by Tart, which can be found at Nordstroms but is also frequently featured on Gilt. From around $130, I picked it up for $35.

For my first (frigid) New Year’s in New York I wore it to a friend’s party with my great aunt’s vintage fur.

NYE tart dress fur coat homeProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

images by Celine of Cup of Rahman

Especially with the never ending Polar Vortex (check, my wardrobe is definitely reflecting a transition, 305 to my city, Brooklyn. But, with a New Year’s Eve in that dress with a New Year’s Day looking like this –  I get it, I get it.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Seriously, maybe I’ll go listen to We Made It or Trophies and give NWTS a little break.

xo Rae

Summer Inventory

As I was travelling more and shopping less at the end of June and beginning of July I decided compiling two months worth of shopping would be best.


Purchase Original Actual
Nike In Season Trainers $72 $42
BDG distressed denim jeans $76 $24
ASOS Beaded Midi dress $101 $50.00
15 AMAZING FREE DOWNLOADS          $15* $0
Kimchi Blu crochet tank $44 $19
Kimchi Blu embroidered circle skirt $49 $10
Cheap Monday gray acid wash jeans $75 $30
Nine West nude leather wedges $98 $49.99
American Apparel denim circle skirt $52 $35
Unlimited week MTA card $50 $30
Kelsi Dagger studded cross body $98 $60
Vintage Lee jean jacket $50 $0
Conquest Maxi Dress $88 $52
Two Tone Michael Kors watch $240 $210
Two Tone green amythyst ring $300 $100
Sam Edelman sandals $120 $29
French Connection silk salmon pants $130 $50
Ecote crochet top $54 $19.99
Theory shirt dress $130 $40
Pins and Needles eyelet sweetheart crop $30 $9.99
total $1,857 $861

In the last two hectic months I saved just a few dollars under $1000 on nearly $2000 worth of stuff.  Currently, I’m back to NY prep and if it weren’t for saving I’d be trying to buy this French Connection leather jacket marked from from $470 to $220 but… priorities.

xo Rae

photo (46)


the Kanye Theory

There is something to be said about quality.  Quite honestly, if I could afford it, I’d most definitely shop A LOT more high end brands but until further notice I’ll keep bringing you my deals.  Theory is absolutely a brand I wish I owned more of.

Two Fridays ago, when I recently picked up my Sam Edelman sandals, I found myself in shopping slump.  Not only have I been shopping less, it seems as though my shape is a little different than last summer and minimally my clothing fits… differently.  Consequently, this is making shopping more of a challenge.  Practically forced, after finding the sandals, I knew I needed/wanted to pick up something but wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for.  Marshall’s is most definitely not the spot for jeans or shorts, which I honestly need, so I found myself looking for a maxi which was promptly forgotten upon the discovery of this shirt dress.  I have a silk Theory shirt dress that I bought at Lord & Taylor prior to moving to Miami that is still in incredible shape.  I’ve honestly probably had that very staple, gray (obviously), silk dress of perfection for 5 years.  I am 100 percent positive I picked this up on sale back then too and I most DEFINITELY got my money’s worth.

So, I still stick to my mission.  In theory, why on Earth would I buy poorer quality, “less expensive” brands at full price when can get trusted quality for nearly the same?  To each their own but I’m going to have to agree with Kanye on his Bound 2 judgement of the women who “rock Forever 21 but just turned thirty.”  Not to say I won’t occasionally pick up something there and I am most definitely not 30 but, (another Ye lyric) do better.

theory striped shirt dress

I picked up this new Theory striped, silk, shirt dress for $40 from originally $130.  I’ve worn it twice thus far, once as more of a cover up on an overcast day hanging at Hyde Beach at SLS.   More recently, pictured here, I wore it with my staple faves, an American Apparel bodysuit and my BDG distressed denim to work and stopping by my friend’s studio during the photo class she teaches after work.  I saved $90 and I’d like to see any dress that’s retail price is $40 come close to this one.

I mean, Kanye also defined what one good girl is worth, too and I couldn’t agree more.   Quality over everything, uh-huh honey.

xo Rae


rearview pic

all black everything Pro Tip

We are deep in it right now, that midsummer heavy heat.  My AC breaking and being off for nearly 36 hours showed me the realest 70% humidity and “feels like” temp in the low 90s that I’ve ever encountered.  May or may not have been the toughest night of sleep and day worked from home ever, in history.  I found myself wondering how people even lived in South Florida prior to advanced air conditioning.  The heat was DEFINITELY getting to me.  Meanwhile, shout out to my NYers, your forecast this week is easily rivaling typical July, Miami days – good luck with your lack of air conditioning in so many places.

If you must, which I imagine some of you must, because I know I have to continue to wear a healthy amount of black clothing, consider this whilst shopping and inevitably, unintentionally going home with black clothes.

A certain degree of heat is reached, where wearing clothing seems purely unnecessary and unacceptable.  However, bathing suits or going fully nude are simply inappropriate in a lot of day to day settings.  So how, how does  one still wear black?

My Pro Tip for shopping black for the summer – if it feels like summer pjs or nearly as good a being in your birthday suit, buy it.  I am dead serious.  This is mainly applicable to maxi dresses but t-shirts have the feel too.  Some specific characteristics of a nearly naked feel are a material you like, a high degree of flowiness and easy to put on and take off.

nasty gal conquest maxi dress

The Conquest Maxi Dress from is a perfect example.  Although it is a full length, all black dress it’s a great option for us color-shy people that aren’t interested in melting.  This dress has snaps, no buttons.  Snaps are fun and so 90s.  So far I’ve worn it to the longest brunch to date and to an afternoon at a friends pool.  At the pool I had it completely unsnapped like a cover up and to brunch I had it unsnapped up to right above my knee for optimal breeziness.  It was originally $88 and is marketing down to $66,  but I also scored an additional 20% and free shipping, bringing the total to $52.  Considering the amount of use this dress will get, it’s definitely work the $66 on the website.

It also comes in white, if you’re into that.

xo Rae

mikey roses

under pressure

On Tuesday, last week I was reminded by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society chair person who had nominated me for the Dade County Man & Woman of the Year campaign, “Rae, we got a party to go to Saturday.”  I’m not quite sure how it slipped my mind but my good friend Matt texted me to ensure I would be in attendance and naturally my initial response was, “OMG… what am I going to wear?”  Yes, obviously I was attending!  Not only is it a great time, it’s an incredible cause that I campaigned 10 weeks for and harassed all of you to donate to.

So, back to Tuesday, what to wear, what to wear….?  And where to shop?  And how was I going to figure this out with just a few days? For once, I was dreading the malls.  Perhaps it was the nearly two weeks straight of daily thunderstorms, regardless, regretfully having let this slip my mind, I wanted to make a decision and be done with this ASAP.  Consciously, in no mood to spend hours after work the next couple days shopping, I visited ASOS on my iPad from my co-workers car en route to lunch.  By 2 pm I was yolo-ing heavily, guessing on a size from a brand I’d never worn but this dress… I had to have it.

asos Midi Dress With Beading And Applique mikey

At an astounding $50, this was a no brainer and I did not feel one pang of regret paying extra for the express shipping.  This is surely a dress I will wear again.  In the last size available, I ordered the ASOS Midi Dress With Beading And Applique from  Marked from from $101, the dress was about 50% off and even with my $11 shipping costs, I still  saved $40.

It came in this cream and black.  I highly recommend it.  It runs a little on the bigger size and is very stretchy.  Go on now, go check it out.  It was just perfect for the Broward County Man & Woman of the Year, Champions of Hope Gala and our later, celebratory festivities at the Hard Rock.  Look at these pics and this dress makes me want to go put it back on and pop open another bottle of champagne, ugh Monday.

xo Rae

asos Midi Dress With Beading And Applique joey

asos Midi Dress With Beading And Applique sacco

BDG denim barIII dress joie aldo hi-tops

cold feet

A common side effect of ambivalence is cold feet.  I challenge you to think of one positive thing about having cold feet.  The wish-washy-ness is either effecting someone else, failing something that was planned to fulfill oneself, or more literally, needing a warm, fuzzy pair of socks.

Fortunately, ambivalence is something that I, not only cannot relate to but will take precautionary measures to avoid.  People are easy, make your own decisions for you and you’re good, but summer in Miami has an unsettling, daily degree of uncertainty.  Almost everyday the forecast consists of sun, high humidity, clouds, showers and possible thunderstorms.  Additionally, I really hate cold feet, figuratively and literally.

Like that ex-boyfriend that shows such great signs of trying and improving only to inevitably drop the ball, the sun has been out almost every morning, only to be raining just in time for the commute home.  To combat the fluctuating, contradicting weather and ward off potentially wet toes in an air-conditioned room (hell), my footwear has been strictly sneakers and boots.

poolside bar III shirt dress BDG jeans aldo hi-tops joie top

Now, to maintain in this state irresolute, it’s all about versatility.  I wore a pair of BDG distressed denim jeans that have never graced the blog.  They were originally $76 and I grabbed them for $24 at Urban Outfitters.  With them, I wore an eggshell colored, loose, silky tank (by Joie, not on the blog), my Aldo hi-tops and (here’s the dealbreaker/outfit-maker) my bar III shirt dress.  I have worn that shirt dress in so many different combos, during different seasons, in different cities!   Check it out below!

So… to recap, know what you like and don’t like, stay prepared utilizing versatility, do you and carry an umbrella, just in case you get caught out in the rain.

xo Rae

bar III shirt dress

Clockwise from the top left:
At Bounce in NYC with Yosh and Anthony, January 2013
At the Carrier Dome, Syracuse v. Louisville game with Matty, March 2013
Going to Lava at Turning Stone Resort & Casino, with Meggy, Fallon and Joa, March 2013
At  the Fontainebleau, in Miami, April 2013
april rae witte

April Inventory

april rae witte


Nine days.  Nine days out of thirty in the month of April, there were friends and/or family in Miami or in my house that I needed to see and spend time with.  I wasn’t obligated, these are some very important individuals.  Additionally, three of these weeks were spent campaigning for my LLS Woman of the Year nomination.  Less shop, more talk/walk/eat/drink… you get the idea.

Contrary to what you will see below, I spent a lot of money.  Although I’d do it all over again, I’ve been on perpetual vacation after 7pm on most days this month, which is why you see less deals and less shopping.

Yolo?  Meh.

Purchase Original Actual
Happy Hour at The Wood Tavern $32 $16
Stussy long sleeve t-shirt $59.99 $29.98
Reason Clothing Homies snap back hat $28 $13
Hair color at Todd Jameson Nue Studio $225 $107
Two Tresic knee length dresses  $92 $27
Tresic tulip bottom dress $46 $13.50
Bangle bangle turquoise necklace $49 $29.99
BCBG black dress $108 $49
Gold large link statement necklace $49 $23
Totals $689 $308

On what originally would’ve run me $689, I only spent $308.  Essentially, this is still 56% off however, not my best showing, especially since I paid full price for some crucial items, like my leather skirt.  Jeez.  Bring it on May.

xo Rae

LLS MWOY selfie rae witte

Two of my college roommates and I at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Man & Woman of the Year Grand Finale, The Champions of Hope Gala at the Intercontinental Miami.