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Just throw it in the bag

I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time at home over the last week and a half because flatly, it’s just too damn cold. As the rest of you New Yorkers may relate, I’ve been finding all different things within the four brick walls of my apartment to occupy my time. In going through my closet (for an upcoming project, just wait on it), I realized in my few weeks spent out of the city this winter, I always pack one shirt.

Photo on 2-3-15 at 1.00 PM DSC00281

I wish I bought it in both black and white at this point. At from a brand called Lucca Couture, at $29 from $62 on Gilt, it is absolutely my loss. It’s cotton and I’ve worn it for everything from a panel discussion on digital and streetwear, to out on a boat and around Wynwood in Miami, to the Dimepiece LA office (pictured).

It’s actually packed in my suitcase right now.

xo Rae

photo (2)

It’s Made Well

I carry my laptop everywhere and my phone is essentially in my hands at all times. Additionally, I officially am no longer a car owner. Carrying my belongings everywhere on one shoulder not only seems inefficient but is less than comfortable while standing on a packed train. Thus it was time for backpack. Purchasing that wine colored, leather hat was the beginning of me purchasing everything in leather. Per usual, I knew exactly what I wanted and essentially would just come down to finding it. Traditional cut, black, pebbled leather was the move.

Now, a canvas Saint Laurent backpack will run you about $900, while a Herschel one will go for about $40. None of which really matter or are relevant because I wanted a leather one and finding a pebbled leather one, was more difficult than anticipated. They were either a few thousand or not what I was looking for, naturally.

I was finally successful after combing my Gmail Promotions tab. I ended up on (where they have a solid selection, if you’re also interested in regressing from grown-up work bags) with a promo code.

photo (3)

This Madewell backpack was originally $240 and I got it for only $180 with shipping. And now I not only do I have the perfect day to day transit bag but it’s been the best carry on for this week’s trip back to the old hood for day’s full of pool parties, outdoor art installations and waiting for these God forsaken cabs.

xo Rae


50 shades of Bordeaux

It’s not black and it’s not neutral. Progress is a process.

So, I was heading to #HashbrownsAndHashtags and the weather Saturday was actually disgusting. Mom’s visiting and I’m going to an event where being a female and Instagram are commonalities among all in attendance. The look was important, like it or not. However, the rain killed my vibe and essentially what I had planned to wear.

I wore this and now you have a rare outfit of the day post, simply because this a very random collection of clothes pulled together for a monochromatic look that isn’t black, white or my latest favorite, gray. IMG_2757And what I wore:

J. Crew leather hat $54 from $110
H&M pants $10 (but really, not a typo)
Vintage Sweater free.99 (thanks mom)
Banana Republic trench from the archives, no clue what I paid for it
Dolce Vita perforated suede sneakers $50 from $80
Abas leather clutch $50 from $130

Let’s not forget the MAC lipstick in the appropriate shade, Diva. All wine everayyyything.

xo Rae




Normcore Come Up

For those of you don’t frequent downtown Manhattan check this Gawker article for a more in depth definition of normcore.

Ok now you follow? Perhaps the two biggest normcore influences I refer to are Obama (dressed down obvi) and my dad, as I sit here in his old button up denim, my running sneakers and black jeans.

As I mentioned, I found myself far more interested in the daily street style galleries during NYFW than a lot of what was on the run way. While I was flipping through NY Mag’s I came across The Cut’s number 1 ranked fashion girl. It was Rachael Wang, NY-based stylist, in GAP. Wild. I screen shot the below image and had to go check it out (Pinterest for what).



Upon stepping foot into Gap for the first time since like what, middle school, I found the dress immediately.  Once I tried it on I realized it was indeed the perfect length, white, shirt dress with a tiny bit of swag via that hemline. However reasonable it is,  I didn’t NEED it for $80. I knew I’d get use out of it but I left it to think about it.


After finding myself noticing Gap a lot more than normal, I ended up strolling by the Herald Square location one too many times until one day, there was a store wide sale. And you know what happens next. I bought it for a SUPER reasonable $45. Take that fashion week. Normcore needs for this Brooklyn girl brought to you by Gap and their #dressnormal campaign. Who knew? Dear Gap – YOU RIGHT. 

xo Rae

images by Celine of Cup Of Rahman 

sup dolce vita slides

Fall Feels

Similar to last year, August turned into a little hiatus from writing. Between some new projects and moving, too much life was happening to be on my computer. With the close of summer and NYFW upon us, I did a little fall/season shift shopping this weekend. I think I’m finding a significant draw to textures with little desire to let go of the black/neutral uniform.

The first purchase, dubbed ‘normcore cute’ by a very observant Twitter friend, are perfect for this lingering summer heat and will be worn everything from denim cutoffs to little black dresses. The black, perforated suede, Dolce Vita slides were $50 from  $80 at the DSW at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn.

dolce vita slides 2 dolce vita slides

So it starts, basic lines with detailed textures for the fall feels.

xo Rae

minkpink beach

More Clothes for More Heat

I didn’t want to, but I have been considering reverting back to my old ways. Before Miami, I would not wear shorts. Long legs and healthy curves warrant enough attention without wearing shorts. Obviously that changed in South Florida, where everyone is naked and curvy, but I’m back now and the thought of being on the train in cutoffs gives me literal anxiety. I need a cover up for my clothes.

The fact that the very 90s, shirt tied around the waist look is back(ish) has been helpful and I’ve done it handful of times although I actually kind of hate it. In my opinion, it just isn’t flattering. My best option is something, long and flowy without adding too much weight/heat. The goal is to wear more clothes,  stay breezy and not melt.

Saturday, I checked out the new Nordstrom’s Rack in Brooklyn. Being that is was my first time, I obviously went to the dressing rooms with an armful of possibilities. I walked out with one that solves my problem with shorts.

From the Austalian brand, MINKPINK, this lacy, fringy perfection is was only $40 from $110.  Although, it works as a cover up over a bathing suit on a perfect, breezy Sunday at the beach, I will definitely be wearing this on the upcoming, unbearably hot summer nights and bring back my favorite denim cutoffs.

minkpink beach 2

xo Rae


Influence for Impulse

The 90s glorified the bodies of supermodels like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. High-waisted jeans may have been a thing then but the tiny Baywatch booty was the desired. Conveniently, this was pre-puberty, allowing me to get through to the early 2000s when rappers sang and my favorite R&B/Pop princesses ruled the airwaves slowly adjusting views of ideal body types. Enter, JLo and later Beyonce and the “thick” girls have made it mainstream. Thank God. 

They made way for bodies like Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Iggy Azalea. Those of us with similar figures are gaining a wider variety of influences for our own personal style. As I mentioned before, it is difficult and borderline delusional for me to get caught up in too many “trends” but with women like the aforementioned setting them, I can definitely get down. One of the more modest looks among them, with Kim K in particular murdering the silhouette, is the defined waist and longer skirt than normal (because thighs). kim k iggy


from and

So, I too decided to try the longer, fitted dress.

IMG_1447blogedit IMG_1404blogedit

I walked into the Soho Zara, saw the cut, didn’t even try it on and picked it up for $50. I still stand by choosing clothes that are flattering for your body but if you know some staple cuts that compliment your body, it’s easy.

xo Rae

ann taylor 2

I’m an aspiring adult too

Another thing I’ve noticed about New York, it seems that my friends and acquaintances are far more brand conscious with their clothing, footwear, accessories, etc. I’d say I notice it more largely because Miami is a less than notable fashion forward city. Let’s be real.

With that being said, it’s New York and I get it. You still won’t find me carrying a signature Louie bag and I prob won’t being purchasing an HBA black long sleeve t-shirt any time soon. Personally, it comes down to the look I am going for and the fit. However, when my mom suggested going to a store she frequents at home I thought, I will humor her but it’s unlikely I’ll find anything. WRONG, obviously, because moms are usually right and that’s the bottom line.

Another thing I failed to recognize, was I definitely needed new “grown up” clothes. I own a lot of crops and for whatever reason there are still plenty of occasions where I need a longer shirt. So, I got these drawstring pants and this sweater. I wore a heart printed button up under the sweater and they are all from the same store. Guess where.

ann taylor outfit grid ann taylor

Ann Taylor LOFT, who knew right? AND all of their sale items would 60% off. The moral of the story is, keep an open mind, even for your wardrobe and listen to your mother.

xo Rae

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater

Sweater Weather

Although, it actually snowed last night, this is the end. The end of 7 layers of clothing, the end of numb toes, for the love of everything right in the world they’re telling me this is the end of rivaling Snow White’s skin tone. Dear winter, BYE FELICIA.

But hello, afternoon sun heating up the room, you feel so right. This may be a little premature in light of last night, but last weekend and presumably this upcoming weekend will warrant outfits with a sweater and a light jacket or perhaps more skin than just your wrists.

Sweaters, jackets and boots were my top three most missed items while living in Miami. I am however, BEYOND over the heavy sweaters of January and cannot wait for the lighter, less conventional sweaters of spring, summer evenings and fall. Namely, this Dolce Vita crop.

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater 2

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater 3

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater 4
I picked it up at Nordstrom’s Rack in Union Square for $29 from $178. I’ve paired it with Cheap Monday, acid wash jeans here but also plan to wear it over dresses or button ups until the the weather allows for otherwise.

xo Rae


As I recall you know I love to show off

Not really… at all… but I suppose a little bit of flexin’ is necessary, occasionally.

It’s been a LONG time since I picked up a high end brand for a flat out stupid price. A long, long time has passed since I’ve written about my favorite Stuart Weitzman boots I picked up for $75 from like $480 or my vintage Ferragamo clutch or those Ted Baker boots.

Last week while my mom was visiting, I took her to the Union Square Nordstrom’s Rack.

Don’t call it a come back!

I picked up a cashmere, wool blend, camel colored, very classic cut (as much of their stuff is) A.P.C. sweater for 91% off. Upon seeing the $29 price tag marked down from $345, I stifled my desire to RUN to the dressing room. apc sweater outside capsule

Image by Celine of Cup of Rahman.

apc sweater denim and scarf lg

Here, I wore it over a chambray striped button up, under my leather moto, with my latest scarf from my mom.


xo Rae