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true love and guilty pleasures for a good cause

Shamelessly, (not guiltless, though) I love pizza.  Yea I know, you do too, that’s fine. This is no ordinary love. I love it so much that because in my three years in Miami I never found a satisfactory slice, I boycotted it from a June visit to the northeast until I moved in September.  I’m picky for pizza. I will not waste my time, money or calories on mediocrity.

Today Slice Out of Hunger is holding New York’s biggest pizza party.  With 42 pizzerias offering pizza by the slice there is bound to be some phenom choices.  Further, I’m familiar with a couple places so this is a no-brainer.  The best part about today’s event is all slices are ONLY $1 and all proceeds go to Food Bank NYC, the city’s major hunger relief association.  I don’t think I’ve gotten a dollar slice (although they are available down the street) since I was a sophomore in high school at Parkway Pizza.  There is also a raffle and you can come with some higher donations and get yourself a Pizza Pass to skip the line.

pizza tweet

My love is truly unmatched. 

So you spend a couple bucks, enjoy a couple slices and contribute to a good cause.  Let me know if you want to join, I’m heading over to hop in line later.

xo Rae



le paris dakar bedstuy

Best of Bedstuy

Well, as those of you that have ever worked side by side with me know, I’m not picky about food but I am very particular.  In other words, I’ll try anything that’s good quality.  Don’t bring me to an Olive Garden or a Subway gushing “you’ve got to try this!”  No thanks, I’m just not interested.  I try to stay away from chains and support local and my neighborhood is making that super easy.

First let’s start with the deli below my place.  I can get a coffee and a toasted bagel with butter for $1.50.  I really don’t think I need to elaborate further.  It’s something like $4 for a sub and I wake up to the scent of breakfast sandwiches (BACON) every morning.

Down the street at a cupcake place called Baby Cakes, there are Red Velvet cookies for 85 cents.  It is literally the perfect snack, under a dollar and rich enough that I don’t need more than one.

There is also a lovely little French spot, Le Paris Dakar.  They have a variety of crepes, coffees and pastries and not one thing on the menu is over $8.  I can confidently say they are runner up for my favorite atmosphere and the best plain croissant (you can literally taste the butter, cheaper and WORLDS beyond Starbucks) I’ve had in a long time… maybe ever.

le paris dakar bedstuy

I positively believe that Ma’s will ruin my life over then winter.  I have only been once and although delicious I am trying not to frequent them simply because their side of baked mac and cheese for $3.50 will always be the best and worst decision at the same damn time.

My absolute favorite spot is Ms. Dahlia’s even though they close early.  First, everyone that works in there is friendly.  Second, that afternoon sun through their front windows is pure perfection.  Third, THE PLAYLIST.  I have lost myself in there with my laptop for HOURS.  I mean from old Alicia Keys and Destiny’s Child to really driving it home for me with Donnell Jones,  Avant and Lauryn Hill – all from the late 90s and early 2000s too!  Best part though, breakfast til 3 and you can get delicious lunches like a chicken pot pie or a curry chicken sandwich with chips for under $6.  Also, almond croissants… I am officially a croissant connoisseur and other phenom desserts I imagine to be equally as reasonably priced but I can never remember because of the state of bliss I am in when I finally head home.

ms dahlias bedstuy

So far, these are my hood favorites.  Bedstuy, do or die.  You can check out my fancy new, additional IG account with all things Bedstuy, Bedstuy365.

xo Rae


the Gilt that keeps on giving

Back in April I wrote about one of the most blissful hangovers I’ve ever experienced, my first visit to the Todd Jameson Nue Studio in Midtown Miami.  And after quick and convenient text exchange with the genius known as Karuna last Wednesday, I set up another Saturday morning at Nue Studio.

“More drastic.”  In my mind, two words every hair stylist loves to hear and every client hesitates to say but it’s just hair…. right?  I brought in a couple random Instagram screen shots as a guide for the direction I was looking to go in.  Lana inspired, red.  What Karuna called cinnamon, for this overcast Saturday, shameless finger hearts.

Lana-Del-Rey (1)

So on Saturday, I had my Bayalage highlights freshened, a full color over it, a color protecting treatment specifically against heat, my eyebrows done to be closer to my hair (if you hadn’t noticed, I have naturally, jet black brows) and  Karuna went over my entire head and cleaned up my dead ends.  The Gilt deal I bought in April, not only saved me $118 that day, but offered my 30% off my return visit, so honestly how could I not go “more drastic”?

red hair in the sun

So, in the sun, it looks very bright.  I love it but honestly I don’t think it’s this bright.  With the discount, a day that would’ve ran $260 was discounted to $180.  I saved $80.  Further, Karuna travels to New York to work every 5 to 6 weeks.  I. AM. SO. HAPPY.  I am obviously, highly recommending her at this point.  If you mention that I referred you, she’ll knock 15% off your treatments as well.

red hair karuna todd jameson nue studio

I loved being a brunette, but suddenly I feel like I may have short-changed my mid-twenties not being a red head.  You think my neighbor will give me a deal on this truck?  I think it really compliments the new look.

xo Rae



Summer Inventory

As I was travelling more and shopping less at the end of June and beginning of July I decided compiling two months worth of shopping would be best.


Purchase Original Actual
Nike In Season Trainers $72 $42
BDG distressed denim jeans $76 $24
ASOS Beaded Midi dress $101 $50.00
15 AMAZING FREE DOWNLOADS          $15* $0
Kimchi Blu crochet tank $44 $19
Kimchi Blu embroidered circle skirt $49 $10
Cheap Monday gray acid wash jeans $75 $30
Nine West nude leather wedges $98 $49.99
American Apparel denim circle skirt $52 $35
Unlimited week MTA card $50 $30
Kelsi Dagger studded cross body $98 $60
Vintage Lee jean jacket $50 $0
Conquest Maxi Dress $88 $52
Two Tone Michael Kors watch $240 $210
Two Tone green amythyst ring $300 $100
Sam Edelman sandals $120 $29
French Connection silk salmon pants $130 $50
Ecote crochet top $54 $19.99
Theory shirt dress $130 $40
Pins and Needles eyelet sweetheart crop $30 $9.99
total $1,857 $861

In the last two hectic months I saved just a few dollars under $1000 on nearly $2000 worth of stuff.  Currently, I’m back to NY prep and if it weren’t for saving I’d be trying to buy this French Connection leather jacket marked from from $470 to $220 but… priorities.

xo Rae

photo (46)

rimmel lipstick

she’s got a mouth on her

A few more words on quality this week, it isn’t always about price.  Rarely will you find a very reasonably priced high-quality item.  This is a quickie blog post for you girls.

Although, I am a dedicated MAC matte lipstick wearer and long for the days I can try some really phenomenal brand I also hopelessly fall victim to trying out drug store make up or the Target struggle.  It’s so cheap, the gift and the curse.

rimmel lipstick

Well, I highly recommend trying Kate Moss’ Rimmel lipsticks.  See for yourself.  They may not stay quite as long although it’s arguable and their matte colors feel good, not dry or flaky.  At $5 a pop if you hate it, I’m sorry but I doubt you will.

xo Rae

silence and noise urban outfitters open fron cardigan joa and me

something to do when there’s nothing to do

Delayed flights always end in spending extra cash.  If I’m delayed, I usually hit the airport bar.  This time however, my visitor was late.  My cousin’s flight was not just delayed, they were rerouted from Fort Lauderdale airport to Tampa with no exact take off time due to severe thunderstorms over Broward and Dade Counties.

I went from planning to take off from work a little early to having hours of time to kill, in wet weather.  Naturally, I headed to the mall, on the way to the airport.  Conveniently, this may be my favorite thing to do when there’s nothing to do.

After trying on a plethora of things, I settled on one silky, drape front, open cardigan from Silence & Noise.  It was marked down from $59.99 to $39.99.  I really wasn’t that sold on this price.  I like it for sure but this impromptu trip wasn’t supposed take the place of any evening worth of cab rides or a dinner.  So mid-redressing in my finest rainy weather gear, jeans, combat boots and my snap back, I looked up the piece online. It was listed at $29.99 – done.

When I got to the register I showed them the online price, they double checked it and gave me the lower, online price.  I saved $30 making the cardigan about 50% off.

silence and noise urban outfitters open front cardigan

I had initially wanted to pair it with black textured denim to go out one night during Joa’s visit.  Instead a last minute phone call that went a little something like, “hey, can you meet me in an hour? we’re going out on a boat for the afternoon”,”umm, yes”, turned into the best opportunity to wear it with my American Apparel bikini and for a perfect Cinco De Mayo.

xo Rae

silence and noise urban outfitters open fron cardigan joa and me2

todd Jameson nue studio floor

I’ve never enjoyed waking up on a Saturday morning more

I kind of feel like I need to set the scene for this one.

10AM Saturday morning and the alarm is going off.  Dear God, why?  Right, I’m getting my hair done today.  And the alarm is so necessary because I opted against being designated driver and chose to enjoy some adult beverages.  I actually don’t think I am hungover but I sure don’t want to leave my bed.

Made it to Midtown, stopped in Acme Bakery, got myself a “Dark and Stormy”.  I can’t remember what it is but I can tell you it was good and rather appropriate for the monsoon that was about to take place.

First and foremost, as I walk in Prince is playing.  I have a very soft spot in my heart from a well-timed Prince song from some great nights spent boogying at Space 26 back home.  Once introduced to Karuna, my new stylist, I was offered coffee, water, whatever, my attention span was minimal as the rain started and Whitney Houston came through the speakers.  Karuna and I spoke about the color I was looking for, went through some pics of an old style I had and loved.  Looking back I probably seemed a little short but I was just in a little baby coma, taking in all the artwork (that’s all for sale) and other awesomeness  plastered on the walls and floor of the salon.  Then En Vogue comes on, followed by Ginuwine, Usher’s “You make me wanna” and Jagged Edge.  It’s about now I start texting my friends to recommend the salon and Karuna hasn’t even done anything to my hair yet.

selfie before red hair

Rewind.  Less than 10 days prior I was texting my girlfriends that are scattered between here and NY, “ombre or red?”  With mixed responses, I thought with my lack of desire to maintain roots, ombre was the way to go.  I started checking salons on Yelp.  Within maybe 3 days, my Gilt app notified me new deals were available.  Todd Jameson, Nue Studio Salon, a salon I was already considering, had a deal specifically for an ombre or full set of highlights for $107 from $225.  I think it took me all of 6 seconds to weigh this decision and press purchase in my Gilt City app.

gilt todd jameson miami

Ok, now my treatment is done, the shampoo girl doing her apprenticeship has put the 20/20 Experience and it is pouring, literal buckets outside.  I decided to have Karuna dry my hair anyways and commit to just chill until the rain lets up.  I am absolutely in love with the color so much so, I sent an inordinate amount of selfies.  So. Many. Selfies.  Here’s a little taste. Please excuse the sleepy eyes, Liv on a Friday night will do that to you.  Also, it’s copper highlights so it looks rather subtle in these pics.

selfie red hair no filter

Not only did I have a relaxing Saturday morning, I saved $118 or 52% on my treatment.  They also offer a 15% discount on products for any referrals, so make sure you tell them who told you – moi!  And finally, they also give you 30% off on your second visit.  Talk about customer service and retention, bravo Todd!  I had such a good experience I (someone who cuts/colors my hair maybe 2-3 times a year) was ready to set up my next appointment before leaving.

xo Rae


homies ny snapback reason clothing

they gave me a Reason

FINALLY!  Success.  About two weeks ago I mentioned I wanted a snap back hat.  Magically, last week, I received an email from Reason Clothing with free money in it.  No really, free money.  Man, I love genuinely free money, don’t you?  I also love deals in emails.  So, this genius email drove me straight to their site and boys and girls, this is how I acquired one of two snap backs in one weekend.  They gave me a really good Reason.

I received this email because I had purchased a t-shirt for my brother for Christmas and I would never unsubscribe from a company that sends so few emails and has such great stuff.  The deal was a secret (I’ll never tell, but only because they asked me not to) promo code for a $15 gift card.  Now that I was shopping for myself and not my brother, I went through a lot more of their inventory.  Personally, I think some parody type branding can be cheesy but Reason Clothing is amazing.  They’ve successfully made an edgy, witty (you like that, huh?)  line by choosing some serious brands to mock – dope.

I picked up the HOMIES hat, modeled after the Hermes logo.  The original price of the hat was $28.  I entered my promo code and the hat came down 54% to a ridiculous price of $13.  Given the shipping was a little steep, but you should expect to pay that with smaller boutique stores.  Who cares right, as long as my Homies love me?

homies reason clothing brand snapback

Now the other snapback that’s been all over my Instagram, well, let’s just say I was so excited waiting for the arrival of my hat, I needed a time killer or seat filler and may have wore it home Friday night by accident.  Fortunately, I’ve got it on long term loan until further notice.  Two hats are better than one anyway.

xo Rae


charity, hockey, Sunday, open bar AND a discount? You’re coming.

Here’s a heads up in advance because I know I regularly write more of a review of the event I attend.  Well, it just so happens this is an event I’ll be hosting and it hits so many levels of awesomeness I can think of very few reasons why you wouldn’t attend (aside from geographical location of course).

So, on Sunday, April 7 with the help of the Florida Panthers, you are officially invited to enjoy the Panthers vs. Senators game.  The Panthers have been generous enough to allow me to invite all of you to enjoy the game on the club level.  This means there will be complimentary parking, food, beer and wine.


It will only cost you a $50 donation with all proceeds going to my Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Woman of the Year campaign.

At this $5o donation, you are saving anywhere from $50 to $100 as club level seating generally runs from $100 to $150.

With the aforementioned levels of awesome ranging from being charitable, to hockey, to Sunday Funday, to discount club level seats, I really hope you can make it!

To attend, click here, hit that DONATE NOW button and in the comments, please indicate you will be attending the game.  Next, forward this along to all of the friends you want to party/be charitable/watch hockey with and ask them to do the same.

If you can’t make it, you can still donate and any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance and hopefully I will see you there!

xo Rae


vntg denim1

I’m different, yeah, I’m different

“I’m different”, yea we know 2 chainz, everyone is.  Honestly, though it only takes a little effort to stand out.  With the internet and availability to customize anything (at a price) why wouldn’t you strive to find your lane and be yourself?  Further than that, with social media you can access so many different communities to play your part in that there has got to be something you can bring to a valuable, accessible table.

I’ve met an impressive young man doing just that and even better, girls, you will love what he has to offer.  Aside from being super dope, Tomas’ one-of-a-kind, cutoff, custom designed and hand made shorts are a WAY better price than some of our favorite brands which is how he landed himself and his shorts on The Discount Diary.

Not only does Tomas pick the vintage jeans, he cuts them into shorts, partially distresses them, dyes them and he does all the stud work by hand!  And his designs are awesome!  I can’t wait to meet up with him after my upcoming weekend away and get pair or two.

vntg denim1 vntg denim2 vntg denim4 vntgdenim3

So do you all remember that time I paid FULL price for my favorite pair of cutoff distressed denim shorts from UO and then got the identical pair on clearance for $7?  Well, here – refresh your memory.  I thought I did well because I paid $44 for the first pair.  My reasoning was that the coolest pairs on start at $78.  At the time $44 seemed like a steal.  Well, Tomas’ VNTG Denim range from about $45-55 for his inventory, available at brand new website, and a little more, dependent on the work and materials for a special request custom pair.

For those of you in Miami, you should definitely check Tomas and his VNTG Denim out at the RAW:natural born artists event this Thursday, February 28.  According to RAW’s website, they are an “independent artists association that hand-selects and spotlights independent creatives in visual art, film, fashion, music, hair & makeup artistry, photography, models and performing art.”  Their events feature  “a film screening, musical performance, fashion show, art gallery, performance art and a featured hairstylist and makeup artist” all locally living and working in Miami.  It’s only $20 and drinks and food will be available for purchase.  I would definitely check this out if I were in town.  Who is going to go and give me the scoop?

You can also find Tomas on Instagram at VNTGDenim and at  Check him out!

xo Rae