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Can’t I do it all at the same time?

I am unfortunately inconsistent with accessories. Every single time I’m home for more than 24 hours, my mom individually asks about every piece of jewelry she’s ever bought me with the assumption that because I’m not wearing it, I lost it.

Granted, my younger self’s track record was less than stellar but I usually respond really maturely like,”COME ON MOM. I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THEY ARE.”

This past of misplacing jewelry occasionally might be true but I know why. I can’t commit or if I can’t sleep with them on every night, I’m just not interested. Yea.

However, currently, I am doing pretty well. Although, I haven’t commited to any significant uniformity, right now, I’m consistently wearing a few things I picked up at one of SoHo’s newest stores on Broadway, and other stories.

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The earrings are matte black and one is wishbone shaped while the other is… not. The cuff ring is brushed gold and the gold on the bracelet and silver brand midi ring both have a flat finish. I still haven’t committed to one, but I like it better that way.

The earrings and the silver midi were $15 each, the ring was $22 and the bracelet was $6. And, everything was half off. The sale is still going on and you should consider going.

xo Rae



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It’s Made Well

I carry my laptop everywhere and my phone is essentially in my hands at all times. Additionally, I officially am no longer a car owner. Carrying my belongings everywhere on one shoulder not only seems inefficient but is less than comfortable while standing on a packed train. Thus it was time for backpack. Purchasing that wine colored, leather hat was the beginning of me purchasing everything in leather. Per usual, I knew exactly what I wanted and essentially would just come down to finding it. Traditional cut, black, pebbled leather was the move.

Now, a canvas Saint Laurent backpack will run you about $900, while a Herschel one will go for about $40. None of which really matter or are relevant because I wanted a leather one and finding a pebbled leather one, was more difficult than anticipated. They were either a few thousand or not what I was looking for, naturally.

I was finally successful after combing my Gmail Promotions tab. I ended up on (where they have a solid selection, if you’re also interested in regressing from grown-up work bags) with a promo code.

photo (3)

This Madewell backpack was originally $240 and I got it for only $180 with shipping. And now I not only do I have the perfect day to day transit bag but it’s been the best carry on for this week’s trip back to the old hood for day’s full of pool parties, outdoor art installations and waiting for these God forsaken cabs.

xo Rae


50 shades of Bordeaux

It’s not black and it’s not neutral. Progress is a process.

So, I was heading to #HashbrownsAndHashtags and the weather Saturday was actually disgusting. Mom’s visiting and I’m going to an event where being a female and Instagram are commonalities among all in attendance. The look was important, like it or not. However, the rain killed my vibe and essentially what I had planned to wear.

I wore this and now you have a rare outfit of the day post, simply because this a very random collection of clothes pulled together for a monochromatic look that isn’t black, white or my latest favorite, gray. IMG_2757And what I wore:

J. Crew leather hat $54 from $110
H&M pants $10 (but really, not a typo)
Vintage Sweater free.99 (thanks mom)
Banana Republic trench from the archives, no clue what I paid for it
Dolce Vita perforated suede sneakers $50 from $80
Abas leather clutch $50 from $130

Let’s not forget the MAC lipstick in the appropriate shade, Diva. All wine everayyyything.

xo Rae



sup dolce vita slides

Fall Feels

Similar to last year, August turned into a little hiatus from writing. Between some new projects and moving, too much life was happening to be on my computer. With the close of summer and NYFW upon us, I did a little fall/season shift shopping this weekend. I think I’m finding a significant draw to textures with little desire to let go of the black/neutral uniform.

The first purchase, dubbed ‘normcore cute’ by a very observant Twitter friend, are perfect for this lingering summer heat and will be worn everything from denim cutoffs to little black dresses. The black, perforated suede, Dolce Vita slides were $50 from  $80 at the DSW at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn.

dolce vita slides 2 dolce vita slides

So it starts, basic lines with detailed textures for the fall feels.

xo Rae

Champagne and Blind Trust

On arguably the most lovely day in recent weeks, I was texting my fellow Miami to New York transplant trying to fulfill the need to do something (ANYTHING) with the pure perfection that was Saturday. She sent a screen shot of an email and explained, “I think they’re having a sale and serving champagne and someone is speaking. I am going to RSVP for us.” Sale. Champagne. Perfect Saturday. YES. I am truly grateful to have girlfriends I blindly trust for weekend afternoon adventures.

We took our sweet time to enjoy the weather, walk, catch up and look further into The Little Black Box‘s, Let’s Talk About Sex, private shopping event featuring Ampere lingerie and sex educator and writer, Kate McCombs. Upon arrival, a group of impressive female entrepreneurs, owners of both Ampere lingerie and The Little Black Box, greeted us. Ampere’s philosophy is based on a customized shopping experience boasting an unheard of range of sizes. Co-founder and Harvard Law grad (who was recently featured in Forbes, smart babe) Jaibei Chen told my girlfriend and I about their beautiful 100% silk lingerie and discussed their recent successful kickstarter campaign. Another articulate and stunning young woman, Natalie, one of LBB’s founders, schooled us on their company, the products they carry and their line of intimate accessories (READ: classy sex toys). Talk about whole in the market. How trashy are most “sex shops” and how disheartening has the sex toy party realistically become? It’s like middle America got a stack of Cosmos and cracked a hard cover edition of 50 Shades of Gray while simultaneously watching through every season of SATC. Just shoot me. My Human Sex class in college for my Health Ed minor offered hosting a party and writing about it AS AN ASSIGNMENT, a solid indication of becoming… outdated, minimally.

Natalie, the girls of LBB and Ampere get it. Take your pleasure seriously, drop all the smutty lingo and put it in impeccable, discreet, very sexy packaging. One of their products is rechargeable on any USB port (MIND BLOWN). It’s 2014 and there’s a new breed of women out here. Finally, these ladies brought in Kate McCombs for a discussion on pleasure, anatomy and pretty much whatever we damn well pleased after a few glasses of champagne. Following a brief anonymous Q&A session, she was available for some one on one discussions too. Free education. The more you know… ya know?

Around 4:30, with the sunshine still beaming, my  girlfriend and I poured a final glass of champagne and toasted to a perfectly celebrated International Woman’s Day. I highly recommend doing your research on these women, their brands and most importantly – how it applies to you.

xo Rae

“Take your pleasure seriously.” – Charles Eames


Capsule NY Women’s AW14 Show

Last week I attended the Capsule NY Women’s Show.  Amongst the women in Pharrell hats and beautiful boys bundled in fur coats, there was a wide variety of interesting and inspiring work. I need to share my top 5 favorites of Capsule NY.

Capsule KYE

I really dig Korean brand KYE’s luxe sportswear with the heavy chain link detail over fur, sheer and bold color blocking.


Erica M’s bodysuit and hosiery – sex. That is all.

love shirtBecause I’m a sucker for all word games or words in general (got the app push notifications on at all times), this Christine Alcalay print of sickeningly adorable forms of the word ‘love’ had to make my list.

Capsule Janessa Leone hats

Relocation and winter has me hat OBSESSED. Janessa Leone’s gray with the camel band is flawless.

Capsules stutterheim rain coats

Although Stutterheim’s raincoats are beautiful, it was the words on this tag which made me visit the website, allowing me to read the ‘Our Story’ section and essentially develop a severe high school crush on Alexander Stutterheim’s story telling and brand. Oh man, melancholy at it’s finest.

Capsule close

xo Rae

All images were taken by Celine of Cup of Rahman.

woolrich trillby mens hat gilt city nyc 2

one of the boys

I am not quite sure what it is.  I can only assume, it’s the need for warmer clothes, lots of warmer clothes.  Sandals, cut offs and a bikini top simply won’t cut it lately. While one of my best girlfriends sent me a video from the Lincoln Road vintage market we used to frequent, I headed to the the Union Square Holiday Market.  At about a 60+ degree difference, my wardrobe is definitely adjusted.

But seriously, this weather just makes me want to wear men’s clothes, no lie.  I mean, I want to have leggings or my jeans, but hats, sneakers, over-sized sweaters, more masculine button ups and coats, ALL OF THAT.

I recently went to one of my favorite bi-annual events, the Gilt City #RaidtheWarehouse sale.  If you aren’t signed up yet, click here and do so!  I’ve attended and written about it numerous times.  After thoroughly shopping the women’s section, I headed over to the men’s side.

woolrich trillby mens hat gilt city nyc 2 woolrich trillby mens hat gilt city nyc

In the men’s accessories section I picked up this Trillby Woolrich, crushable wool hat.  Sold.  From $60 to $29 with an additional 15% off because I test drove a drop top Infiniti bringing the cost down to $25.  Don’t mind if I do, thank you.

Conveniently, I went from having more girlfriends in Miami to being closer to more of my boys here.  Watch your closets boys, my winter wardrobe is lacking.

xo Rae

Summer Inventory

As I was travelling more and shopping less at the end of June and beginning of July I decided compiling two months worth of shopping would be best.


Purchase Original Actual
Nike In Season Trainers $72 $42
BDG distressed denim jeans $76 $24
ASOS Beaded Midi dress $101 $50.00
15 AMAZING FREE DOWNLOADS          $15* $0
Kimchi Blu crochet tank $44 $19
Kimchi Blu embroidered circle skirt $49 $10
Cheap Monday gray acid wash jeans $75 $30
Nine West nude leather wedges $98 $49.99
American Apparel denim circle skirt $52 $35
Unlimited week MTA card $50 $30
Kelsi Dagger studded cross body $98 $60
Vintage Lee jean jacket $50 $0
Conquest Maxi Dress $88 $52
Two Tone Michael Kors watch $240 $210
Two Tone green amythyst ring $300 $100
Sam Edelman sandals $120 $29
French Connection silk salmon pants $130 $50
Ecote crochet top $54 $19.99
Theory shirt dress $130 $40
Pins and Needles eyelet sweetheart crop $30 $9.99
total $1,857 $861

In the last two hectic months I saved just a few dollars under $1000 on nearly $2000 worth of stuff.  Currently, I’m back to NY prep and if it weren’t for saving I’d be trying to buy this French Connection leather jacket marked from from $470 to $220 but… priorities.

xo Rae

photo (46)

UO ecote crochet top fontainebleau w megy

proper poolside attire

With my cousins in town I got to get back to my normal springtime activities and played hostess for the weekend.  Two pool parties in one weekend… I haven’t done that in over a year.  Although Sunday’s was more subdued, it was really good to get out some.

As a local attending on an overcast day, pool party attire beyond the standard bikini was required.  And because I have an affinity to buy multiple, similar pieces, I wore a new, crochet top from Urban Outfitters.  Don’t get it twisted, I am not afraid to try new things, obviously, you saw the salmon pants, but I also believe if it ain’t broke don’t fix it – ABSOLUTELY tweak it.

UO ecote crochet top fontainebleau w megy

This Ecote crocheted top is from Urban Outfitters.  It was originally $54 and I picked it up at the Collins Ave., South Beach location for $19.99.  I wore the top with my favorite Levi’s denim cut offs, my American Apparel bathing suit, my D&G sunglasses (a crucial pool party accessory, sunglasses) and those brand new Sam Edelman’s that Joey has voiced his disappointment about.

xo Rae

mixed metal ring

I insist

I mean, I’m a giver/helper/sharer for sure, but it is nice to receive… now and then, or as frequently as possible.

My favorite gifts though, are ones from people who know me best or mean the most to me.  Usually, those are the people I insist against them giving me anything.

Particularly, my Mom.  I am sure, should I ever become a Mom it’ll be difficult to not attempt to give my kids the World and then some mainly because it seems my Mom struggles with this.  I’m 28 and she still insists on birthday and Christmas gifts.  The only reason I’m ok with it is because I get to return the favor and give her some pretty rad gifts too and she did teach me how to shop so I trust she’ll get a good deal.

For my birthday this year, I picked out a two tone Michael Kors watch, silver and gold.  After waiting for’s stock to replenish I got my watch Memorial Day weekend from initially $240 to $210, not much better but definitely not retail.

Michael Kors two tone watch

On my most recent trip, Tour de Rae – a 10 day tour of the northeast across 4 states and beginning and ending with weddings, my Mom sat down with me and said after searching for nearly 6 years she found what she had wanted to give me for my college graduation.  She always said she wanted to get me a nice ring or piece of jewelry.  Honestly, I think I appreciate it now more than I would’ve then.  She picked up this beautiful two tone, yellow and white gold, green amethyst ring from the jewelry counter at TJMaxx.  From originally $300, she only paid $100 (which also made me feel a lot better accepting it as an adult).

mixed metal ring

So, to recap I received two beautiful mixed metal pieces of jewelry as gifts and my Mom paid $310 from originally $540.  See where I get it now?

xo Rae