and all these one off vacations…

I book weekend trips away when I’m bored.  Mainly because I refuse to pay something ridiculous and because I’d prefer not to fly anything but Delta or JetBlue.  I like Delta for the wi-fi and I love JetBlue for, pretty much everything especially their lovely little Tuesday emails with weekly sales.


For instance, I am flying to New York today.  I just checked the same flights for two weeks from now as I booked this trip about two weeks in advance.  The total would be $242.  Utilizing the email two weeks ago, I clicked through and examined the discounted fares.  I picked my days and found a couple of the cheapest flights and made my decision.  The flights were $85 each way, totaling $170.  No questions asked, at about 30% off, I bought the flight.

Wheels up, later Miami.

xo Rae

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