a perfect marriage

Once upon a time there was a man.  He was easy on the eyes, a smooth talker (think Clooney in the 90s) and had a knack for making it work.  You could always find him accompanied by a different beautiful woman but none lasted long. It just seemed they never kept his interest.  They indeed had a presence similar to his but did not compliment him.  Let’s call our friend here, Steakhouse (or any establishment within the food and beverage industry).  Soon our friend Steakhouse, started to constantly hear about this very sexy, smart and equally business savvy woman.  She was also very connected! Upon being introduced, he realized she too, was incredible at self promotion but it came much easier to her because unlike him, she managed, engaged and maintained all of her relationships with different platforms on the internet.  We’ll call her Social Media.

Steakhouse and Social Media took a special interest in each other.  Both equally impressed by each others’ different but complimentary skills, they found they made a beautiful team.  It was like love at first sight.  After a quick marriage, I mean they knew EVERYONE in the industry, they wasted no time starting a family.

And that, my friends is how the Tweet-Up was born.  A Tweet-Up can be very beneficial to the host, the venue and the attendees.  Everyone wins here.  The host takes care of the list of invitees and the promotion of the event.  The venue provides the environment and usually some form of free food or drinks.  The host utilizes what the venue offers to lock in some attendees, preferably very socially active, influential attendees who will post, talk, tweet and write about the event and the venue.  Everyone gets to have free food, drinks and fun while expanding their network, completing the circle of benefits.  It has the potential to be a win for everyone.

Tonight I attended a Tweet-Up hosted by Jamie of Biscayne Commons (@BiscayneCommons).  Jamie, a blogger herself, invited other bloggers that would share the experience on their social media outlets.  Biscayne Commons had a couple of their restaurants, Lime Fresh and 8 oz. Burger host us, providing complimentary food and drinks.

How, you wonder is this even relevant?  Don’t you guys get it?  I met new awesome people and had a free dinner with them!

At 8 oz. Burger Bar we had Fried Olives with Chorizo dipping sauce ($7), short rib grilled cheese sandwiches at $10 (apparently Oprah is a huge fan) and a free, larger than your average, sample sized beer totaling $17.

At Lime Fresh we had chips with guacamole ($2), queso ($2) and pico de gallo, two tacos each of our choice at $3.50 each. I had their Surfer Tacos and a frozen Sangria, which I didn’t catch the price to.  This was minimally $11.

The dinner would’ve cost about $27 and I paid nothing outside of them time I spent tweeting my little heart out all evening.

Perfect marriages and weddings = feel meals.

xo Rae


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