Daily Archives: June 30, 2015


Been Festive My Whole Life

During the spring, I went upstate to my parents and per usual, my mom let me know she had something special for me. She is the best.

She gave me a jacket of mine from when I was 10. Obviously, it’s not just any jacket and obviously, as I grew A LOT as a kid, so she bought everything oversized. Granted the jacket might be from the Limited Too, but I wore it during the evening of the Memorial Day rooftop cookout I hosted and I plan on packing it for my weekend upstate for Independence Day.



Red denim and dare I call it… vintage. Without really dating myself, this jacket is 15+ years old and in incredible shape.

Free. From mom. Red, white and blue, for a road trip out of the city. Have a safe an amazing holiday. LET’S GET IT.

xo Rae