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Bae Bae: Nick Nery

As he has become a permanent part of my daily rotation and who I recommend to absolutely everyone, it only seemed necessary I share him here.

Nick Nery is the 21 year old, very soulful voice with very little information on him on the internet. So, I reached out to Nick. He writes a lot of his songs and works a lot with two producers by the names of Niko (son of DJ Babu  of Dilated Peoplees) and Kyle . Between his vocals, lyrics and the fact that he plays the ukelele you should minimally see if he appeals to your taste. I also found out his biggest inspiration to sing is his father, who sings and Nick says is actually “pretty cool” although he attributes his influences to Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, Kolohe Kai, Diana Krall, Coldplay, Gorillaz, John Legend and Bradley Nowell of Sublime.

The Cali boy has pipes and something to say. Below I’ve used restraint, listed just a few of my favorite lyrics and provided a playlist of my favorite songs of his. Get to know Nick Nery (and send him to all of your talented friends that are looking for features).

Am I love or do I just love myself? – Loving You

I guess it’s not you, its what you represent. – MissedCalls

xo Rae