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Do Something Special For Number One

Perhaps, I’m going about this all wrong. Having lived with a significant other at one point in life, unbelievable yes that a boyfriend once slept in the place of my dog who is passed out belly up right now, it seems I’ve had this all wrong.

I was the type of girlfriend that shaved her legs regularly and stayed more fit than when I was single. I grocery shopped and cooked too, consistently. I still went out with my friends and may or may not made it a point to dance on top of everything (this way, random boys couldn’t touch me, duh).

Further, I definitely had better underwear (sorry mom). I wholeheartedly stand by a dedicated refusal to ‘get comfortable’ or worse lose my sense of self in a relationship. In my former relationship, I wanted him to be proud to have me by his side so I kept up myself more than I do single. Ya know, that whole idea of being with someone, complimenting each other and being your parallel, best selves? That’s my wave. Now, as the single adult I am, I don’t want to say I’ve let myself go because I most certainly have not but, these potentials will not get the best from jump because I have news, my best, is really good so the upkeep is not what it used to be. I might not get my eyebrows done, because I just don’t feel like it. However, as I reminded myself this weekend, there sure isn’t anything wrong with doing the most for number one.

With that being said, I bought myself a silk, La Perla robe because I could. I work from home and if I want to wear a goddamn silk robe around my house alone, I will. DSC00500 DSC00497

Last Saturday, I went to the Gilt Warehouse Sale, as I do biannually almost every year. Upon finding out there were additional markdowns according to the color price tag, I took one final lap around the W 46th Street space. And it was in that final lap, that I came across my work uniform for the summer. I LOLed the entire way out of that sale because the final price was $28 from $290. I’ve shamefully paid more for a mediocre meal in Midtown.

Subsequently, I have reminded myself that just because you don’t  have a man, doesn’t mean you can’t look good naked alone besides, isn’t that what roommates are for?

xo Rae