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It might be too late for you

Last year I bought my ankle length, double breasted, red coat. With this, I learned, QUICKLY, during my first winter back and while getting VERY familiar with Polar Vortexes, that a coat (or two or three or whatever) comparable to a blanket is a necessity, especially with this storm NY is expecting. So this year, as I was a little more prepared, I took my time to look for new winter coats.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my red coat but it seems that after seeing similar ones on Net-a-porter and Refinery29, I needed to find something to mix it up.

Over Thanksgiving, while my Brooklyn and Manhattan based, Utica raised friends and I were home, we decided to spend a day thrifting together in anticipation of one-upping everyone exhausting the BK thrift and vintage shops.



Obviously, when thrifting, it is detrimental to be selective and although everything is practically free, you must, must, must look for quality and cut. This ankle length, double breasted wool coat, looked like it had barely been worn. It has nice lines and is super heavy. I removed to excessive shoulder pads and spent less on this coat than most people spend on their lunch.

And this is one of three coats I picked up. So, although I plan on not leaving my apartment from tomorrow until Wednesday, should I need to step out, I think I’ll be ready.

xo Rae


Photo on 1-19-15 at 11.14 PM

Can’t I do it all at the same time?

I am unfortunately inconsistent with accessories. Every single time I’m home for more than 24 hours, my mom individually asks about every piece of jewelry she’s ever bought me with the assumption that because I’m not wearing it, I lost it.

Granted, my younger self’s track record was less than stellar but I usually respond really maturely like,”COME ON MOM. I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THEY ARE.”

This past of misplacing jewelry occasionally might be true but I know why. I can’t commit or if I can’t sleep with them on every night, I’m just not interested. Yea.

However, currently, I am doing pretty well. Although, I haven’t commited to any significant uniformity, right now, I’m consistently wearing a few things I picked up at one of SoHo’s newest stores on Broadway, and other stories.

Photo on 1-19-15 at 11.09 PMPhoto on 1-19-15 at 11.23 PMPhoto on 1-19-15 at 11.30 PM


The earrings are matte black and one is wishbone shaped while the other is… not. The cuff ring is brushed gold and the gold on the bracelet and silver brand midi ring both have a flat finish. I still haven’t committed to one, but I like it better that way.

The earrings and the silver midi were $15 each, the ring was $22 and the bracelet was $6. And, everything was half off. The sale is still going on and you should consider going.

xo Rae