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Grow up and get a pair

Last week it was 25 degrees, Monday hit 65 and today it’s going to snow all damn day. Boots that last me 3 years in Miami (obviously, but still) were demolished last winter. And I’m STILL looking for office/dinner/transit friendly boots but I will say, I definitely picked up a crucial, functional pair of boots.

Granted, I 100 percent bit my roommate’s steez, it had to be shared with you. No longer must we submit to childlike, enormous rain boots or duck boots. Although, occasionally cute in ironic wait, duck boots aren’t always appropriate outside of Polar Vortex-esque conditions.

j crew chelsea rain boots

These are actually perfect. They keep my feet dryer than any leather boot I’ve ever owned. From J. Crew, during one of their sales, I got them for $51 from $68 and, as I mentioned, my roommate previously picked up an identical pair from ASOS.

No wet socks on this side bb.

xo Rae

like it’s 1998…

Could there be a jacket more appropriate? An 80s baby to the fullest, I think I own the CD version of the majority of the album’s featured on Kinship’s, 90’s girl bomber.

Just a few weeks after attending the streetwear panel, my close friend expressed deciding to diversify his line and as next of kin, a music blogger and an R&B addict, I couldn’t be any more supportive. Kinship Shop owner, Reggie Thomas started with bomber jackets featuring The Diplomats and after having such a positive reaction, Bad Boy and Cash Money coats followed.

What about the girls though? And with that void needing to be filled, he carefully selected 35 albums that are basically the foundation of every modern day ‘sad girls’ catalog. From Brandy, to Aaliyah’s ‘Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number’, to Mariah’s ‘Honey’ to supreme 90s divas, Mary J and Whitney, Kinship’s latest is STRICTLY for the ladies.


Although, right now they are available exclusively online, very soon New Yorkers can pick up theirs at VFILES, on Mercer in Soho.

So… I’m thinking I am going to revisit ‘Age Ain’t Nothin But a Number’ and ‘The Velvet Rope’ first.

xo Rae

Who do we talk to about inside pockets for women’s coats? 

So we saw my men’s jacket, essentially (hopefully) appropriate for my figure. Still had a waist and fell right below the widest part of my hips/thighs which is surprisingly wonderful since I’m taking an apparent hiatus from women’s clothes.

Did I fail to mention we showed up to the Gilt sale with an actual team? Sarah, one of my roommates also picked up a men’s coat at the Gilt sale. She actually has that great boyish figure and skinny legs. A completely different look, but this Hickey Freeman coat works amazing for her too.

photo (1)

She picked up this camel, suede coat for $159 from 785. The length of the sleeves allowed for her to cuff them, exposing the interior print.

I’m trying to tell you boys, anything you can do we can do better.

xo Rae and Sarah of The New Park Ave

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I’m not new to this

As I’ve repeatedly mentioned on Twitter (@raewitte, shameless plug), I’ve purchased more men’s than women’s clothes in the past couple weeks. Realistically, I thought the Gilt City sale would bring a little disruption to the pattern. It didn’t.

Boys’ sneakers and pants have become the norm but now I have add to jackets to the mix with this Paul Smith coat I picked up literally walking to check out at Gilt City’s Raid the Warehouse Sale on Saturday morning. And at $149 from $985… let me repeat that, at $149 from $985, I may actually feel guilty for how inexpensive it was. Regardless, I love it in navy blue as I’ve seen similar coats in green or black but not this.

paul smith jacket 2

Dear boys,

 It seems as though I’m going to steal your clothes or just buy them myself and wear them better. <3

xo Rae

Future Beats Show, El Blanco Nino Interview

For about a month now, I have been writing for Complexion and Yazbeat’s, The Future Beat Show blog. The show itself is Sunday night on London’s radio station, for old and new skool hip-hop and R&B, Westside Radio from 11-2am GMT (or 6-8pm EST). Two hours of very vibey, up and coming, London flavor, R&B with trap undertones.

Complexion and Yaz, feature and work with a wide variety of artists and producers from literally around the world. As I am the only Brooklyn based editor, they asked if I would be interested in interviewing some of New York artists they’ve featured and I quickly obliged.

Every Sunday you can live stream The Future Beats Show at I chatted with BX boy, El Blanco Nino, known for his slowed, screwed mixes, who recently released a killer remix of Pharrell’s GUSH off the Girl album.

TFBS 11.2

Thank you very much to everyone that tuned in and tweeted me while you were listening – GREATLY appreciated!

Here’s is the full interview, check it!

xo Rae