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Normcore Come Up

For those of you don’t frequent downtown Manhattan check this Gawker article for a more in depth definition of normcore.

Ok now you follow? Perhaps the two biggest normcore influences I refer to are Obama (dressed down obvi) and my dad, as I sit here in his old button up denim, my running sneakers and black jeans.

As I mentioned, I found myself far more interested in the daily street style galleries during NYFW than a lot of what was on the run way. While I was flipping through NY Mag’s I came across The Cut’s number 1 ranked fashion girl. It was Rachael Wang, NY-based stylist, in GAP. Wild. I screen shot the below image and had to go check it out (Pinterest for what).



Upon stepping foot into Gap for the first time since like what, middle school, I found the dress immediately.  Once I tried it on I realized it was indeed the perfect length, white, shirt dress with a tiny bit of swag via that hemline. However reasonable it is,  I didn’t NEED it for $80. I knew I’d get use out of it but I left it to think about it.


After finding myself noticing Gap a lot more than normal, I ended up strolling by the Herald Square location one too many times until one day, there was a store wide sale. And you know what happens next. I bought it for a SUPER reasonable $45. Take that fashion week. Normcore needs for this Brooklyn girl brought to you by Gap and their #dressnormal campaign. Who knew? Dear Gap – YOU RIGHT. 

xo Rae

images by Celine of Cup Of Rahman