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Cuffing Season Kick-Off Tracks

After truly believing Big Sean killed cuffing season with the BITTEREST break up anthem ever, IDFWU, I really thought NYers would hold off on settling down and the emo tweets for at least a few weeks. Mustard on the beat offers that very right now sound, as he is being overplayed by every DJ ever and Kanye’s input offers a very nostalgic feel but also makes me question just how much influence was on Big Sean lyrically. But, ENOUGH about this because even Big Sean already snatched up Ariana Grande and thanks God for her on his second verse between screaming how few f*cks he actually gives about ex-fiance Naya Rivera.

Turn down now, because it’s inevitable. And I have two songs that will bring more than enough heat, both, subsequently from the UK.

So on the heels of Big Sean’s Friday release, as the temp continues to dip and the social medias flourish with feels, Jessie Ware sneaks up on everyone with her latest from her EP Tough Love, Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe. IMO, this will be her biggest song stateside. We’ll see. Between Ware’s lyrics begging to forget and Miguel, whispering THE sexiest, sweet nothings (read “what you mean baby”, “do you need some company?”, “do you miss me?”, “you want me to come over?”, “I just wanna talk”)  this song will indeed get you into trouble. Yea… like that person… yea, that one. I think I’m done here. Jeez. Throw it on repeat, but only if it’s before like 6pm, otherwise hand your phone to your roommate and turn it up because the nights are getting cold my friends.

Subsequently, these boys will, in fact, keep you warm, perhaps the type of good guys that Jessie Ware is keeping busy with instead those dead wrong ones. Vocalist, James and producer, Andy put together pure audio seduction that is impossible not to submit to. Warm On a Cold Night, the debut single off their recently released first project, is a very sexy, blind love professing track. Nicely done boys.

Good luck out there boys and girls. If you don’t lock something down, here’s hoping you have a great place and even better roommates.

xo Rae

Bae: Jordan Rakei

Australia, thank you. Unbeknownst to myself I came across an edit of Jordan Rakei’s track Bassline, nearly a year ago and I played it to death. It’s now featured on autumn release, his EP, Groove Curse. However, a few months ago I gave the very, VERY soulful Rakei’s catalog a full listen starting with his on spin on Radiohead’s Bodysnatchers. Yea, the 22 year old boy makes me feel FEELS.

With influences and inspiration from the likes Radiohead, Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder, it’s no surprise that the singer/songwriter/producer/musician/babe’s songs are very vocally driven. Below, my favorites (particularly lyrical favorites) from his Soundcloud.

And here, his latest project, check my favorite’s Alright, with very D’Angelo-esque vibes and the song that made me get familiar, Bassline.

The piano with his very smooth vocals, gives most of his songs a warmth that is PERFECT for winter days spent in the house. <3

x0, Rae


NYFW: Flex Zone

Last week during New York Fashion Week, quite a few of the frequently photographed (some below) were shot wearing simply Nike sport’s bras with more traditional pieces like blazers and boyfriend jeans. IMO, it’s simply an excuse to flex and have their abs out. I’m absolutely not mad, in fact, I want to see sports bras and blazers over Jen Setler and the belfie ANY DAY. However, I can almost 100 percent confirm I will not be adopting this trend from last week.

nike sports bra nyfwstreet-style-rajni-jacques-nicole-chapoteau-shiona-turini-nocrop-w1800-h1330-2x


pics from NYMag and street style pics

As a former athlete, I cannot see myself swagging out with a crisp Nike sports bra under a blazer with a pair of pumps on. Yes, with yoga pants and absolutely with sweats but otherwise unlikely.

IMG_3254 IMG_3267

With that being said, I got my Nike Leg-a-see tights at Nordstrom Rack for $26 from $45. Sneakers or the latest Tech Pack at NikeLab sure but there’s other options staple sports bra and leggings.

xo Rae

images by Celine of thatgoodrahman 

h and m black dress

If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad

Inevitably as I get older, I find… things… in my life that for whatever reason have withstood the test of time and although rather unintrusive and subsequently, insignificant, they’ve lingered, for years. It seems as though these things (places, activities, habits, perhaps even people) do not warrant my love and dedication nor do they negatively effect my life enough to fully rid of them. These things are consistent and serve a purpose but clearly never really  fully provide me what I need.

This is my relationship with H&M. When living upstate and working at the casino, constantly getting new, “trendy” clothes seemed like a necessity. However, once I relocated to Miami, to my then shock and dismay, there wasn’t one. Not until my last 8 months did the one on Lincoln Road finally open and by then I had kind of forgotten about it. Out of sight, out of mind perhaps. That, and it was always such mob scene, I just wasn’t that into it.

Now one complete year back in NY, after collabs with Isabel Marant at the end of 2013, Jeff Koons this year and the recent announcement of working with Alexander Wang, I decided to revisit the old go-to.

h and m black dress 2


Cheap, simple, necessary. I got this easy, racerback, knee length black dress, with pockets for less than $25 and wore it with my new suede slides. Please believe this will transition through the fall with me and I will wear it with sweaters, my leather, tights and all different footwear.

So, you see H&M, if you continue to come through like this, on the rare occasion I visit, I guess we’ll have to stay in touch.

xo Rae

sup dolce vita slides

Fall Feels

Similar to last year, August turned into a little hiatus from writing. Between some new projects and moving, too much life was happening to be on my computer. With the close of summer and NYFW upon us, I did a little fall/season shift shopping this weekend. I think I’m finding a significant draw to textures with little desire to let go of the black/neutral uniform.

The first purchase, dubbed ‘normcore cute’ by a very observant Twitter friend, are perfect for this lingering summer heat and will be worn everything from denim cutoffs to little black dresses. The black, perforated suede, Dolce Vita slides were $50 from  $80 at the DSW at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn.

dolce vita slides 2 dolce vita slides

So it starts, basic lines with detailed textures for the fall feels.

xo Rae