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Challenge accepted

Yesterday as I driving from my parents house in upstate NY, I received a Facebook notification indicating that I had gotten got. I had been challenged to the viral ALS Ice Buck Challenge. For what?

ALS is a progressive nuerodegenerative diseases, aka Lou Gherigs disease, affecting the spinal cord and nervous system. Horrible. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral, challenging those called out to donate $100 or pour a bucket of ice cold water over their head and donate $10. According to an article published on today, in 2013 between mid June to August $1.7 million dollars were raised while the social phenom has driven $11.4 million to be raised int he same period this year.

So, here is my nomination from my friend and former boss, Jerry Marrello and old team at Lava at Turning Stone Resort and Casino.


I now take this opportunity to donate and accept the challenge.

Your turn David, Jill and Matty! <3

You can donate or find more info on ALS here.

xo Rae