Daily Archives: July 27, 2014

mom keds

Mom tested, kid approved

As the oldest of three and the only daughter, I’d say my parents had a much more critical eye on me and my actions than the following two, naturally. Although, I may not have been the traditional daddy’s little girl, it’s become pretty apparent that growing up all I ever wanted to be was half as an amazing person as my mom.

She stayed at home most of my childhood. I remember constantly being on the go (weird, right?). If it wasn’t taking free tennis and swimming lessons from the city, it was the beach, visiting cousins, going up to the Adirondacks or going to the zoo.

She always wore fresh little white Keds. So at 29, when I showed up to my cousin’s graduation party in this blue polka dot dress and Keds, she asked, “You know I always used to have Keds when you guys were little?”

rose buds and keds

Yea, ma. I know. You’re the reason I had to get a pair after seeing them every time I walked into Nordstrom’s Rack.


Further, I couldn’t more proud to have my style influenced by my mom. Do you see this monochrome white fit she showed up in?! Love you mom.

xo Rae