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mom keds

Mom tested, kid approved

As the oldest of three and the only daughter, I’d say my parents had a much more critical eye on me and my actions than the following two, naturally. Although, I may not have been the traditional daddy’s little girl, it’s become pretty apparent that growing up all I ever wanted to be was half as an amazing person as my mom.

She stayed at home most of my childhood. I remember constantly being on the go (weird, right?). If it wasn’t taking free tennis and swimming lessons from the city, it was the beach, visiting cousins, going up to the Adirondacks or going to the zoo.

She always wore fresh little white Keds. So at 29, when I showed up to my cousin’s graduation party in this blue polka dot dress and Keds, she asked, “You know I always used to have Keds when you guys were little?”

rose buds and keds

Yea, ma. I know. You’re the reason I had to get a pair after seeing them every time I walked into Nordstrom’s Rack.


Further, I couldn’t more proud to have my style influenced by my mom. Do you see this monochrome white fit she showed up in?! Love you mom.

xo Rae


I woke up like this

Although Queen B’s use of the phrase “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS” is complete satire, I apply the more literal meaning to my “style”. I abandoned using my straightener upon moving to Miami and have used it less than five times since then. Bed head is my move and I am not particularly prone to wearing make up beyond mascara and lipstick (maybe) on any day that I take the train during these warmer months. I have a weakness for soft t-shirts and I’d prefer to sleep the extra 10 minutes or leave the house early than take a long time to get ready. Literally, I wake up and go.

So, that evening  I visited The Vintage Twin pop-up with my girlfriend after a few drinks, I had to try on one of the reworked vintage tees showcasing lyrical tidbits from some of my favorite babes, Bey and Iggy.

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This is a vintage Ralph Lauren tee that the girls from The Vintage Twin, treated and screened. With my propensity to do like Beyonce, I paid $22 for the one of kind tee. Read more about the girls and check out more of their reworked pieces here.

xo Rae

all pics by Celine of Cup of Rahman

Baes, Majid Jordan

Truthfully, after listening to everything on Soundcloud from Majid Jordan, I can’t find a reason OVO Sound put more into PARTYNEXTDOOR than them. Don’t get me wrong, I like a selection of songs from his first EP from last year, but the latest? NAH. Production was great, but the jacked Rich Homie Quan/Migos flow with trash lyrics on Recognize is actually up for the most disappointing, lyrically and vocally underwhelming, track of the year, FURTHERING my confusion. Drake couldn’t even save that track for me.

Meanwhile, just over a week after it dropped, I gave A Place Like This a listen. OH. MAN. I’m mad at myself. How did this take an entire week for me to even stumble across let alone listen to?

I am truly disappointed in myself for not giving their first project, After Hours, a full listen LAST August. An embarrassment. My only excuse is that it was my moving week and I was driving up the East Coast listening to an incredible summer’s worth of music. A few tracks offer Daft Punk vibes and I was actually familiar with Hold Tight from random Soundcloud mixes. The piano intro on Patience is reminiscent of Drake’s, Fireworks, and the very smooth vocals are complimentary of the production (which is exactly the opposite of how I feel of the aforementioned PND track). However, the track that sealed the deal for me and required me to put you on to Majid Jordan has to be Chill Pad Deluxe.

I am really feeling guitar this summer and with a hint of Jamie XX, my heart dropped. And as the sucker for the lyrics and vocabulary that I am, to start the song “What are you doing? You making things seem convoluted. You taking simple and throwing it out the window.” Do you even know what convoluted means? Look it up. Regardless, later in the bridge (1:12 to be exact) I get Isley Brothers vibes and I’m done. I apologize for not taking a liking to them earlier. And you’re welcome.

Oh and I also came across a SPIN article where the boys are holding stemless wine glasses. Although I prefer their looks from the video, they’re a nice touch bbs. Stay classy Toronto. <3

xo Rae


IMG_2594 edit

One Of A Kind Mom Jeans

“Debbie, do you own anything but mom jeans?”

“ew, no.”

Yes, that was a question directed at me. Recently, a friend mentioned I remind him of his childhood neighbor’s mom, Debbie Daddio. I’m not really sure my feelings on it yet, but I definitely only rock with mom jeans, so shout out to Debbie.

I read about The Vintage Twin a few weeks ago on Bedford & Bowery. Not only was the pop-up location close to where I was meeting a girlfriend for drinks, they were open until 10pm. Dangerously, convenient, I had to stop by. I walked into the mecca of vintage cutoffs, thankfully, as I was struggling to find some new ones well into June. Even more amazing, a lot of their stuff was “reworked” or custom. Check these one of a kind cutoffs I picked up for only $36.

IMG_2591 edit IMG_2597 editIMG_2592 edit 

Perfect for this road trip, I wore them with this not so mom-ish, very 90s inspired, snap up, crop from Urban Outfitters. You can follow @TheVintageTwin on their social outlets and see where they will pop-up next.

xo Debbie