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minkpink beach

More Clothes for More Heat

I didn’t want to, but I have been considering reverting back to my old ways. Before Miami, I would not wear shorts. Long legs and healthy curves warrant enough attention without wearing shorts. Obviously that changed in South Florida, where everyone is naked and curvy, but I’m back now and the thought of being on the train in cutoffs gives me literal anxiety. I need a cover up for my clothes.

The fact that the very 90s, shirt tied around the waist look is back(ish) has been helpful and I’ve done it handful of times although I actually kind of hate it. In my opinion, it just isn’t flattering. My best option is something, long and flowy without adding too much weight/heat. The goal is to wear more clothes, ¬†stay breezy and not melt.

Saturday, I checked out the new Nordstrom’s Rack in Brooklyn. Being that is was my first time, I obviously went to the dressing rooms with an armful of possibilities. I walked out with one that solves my problem with shorts.

From the Austalian brand, MINKPINK, this lacy, fringy perfection is was only $40 from $110.  Although, it works as a cover up over a bathing suit on a perfect, breezy Sunday at the beach, I will definitely be wearing this on the upcoming, unbearably hot summer nights and bring back my favorite denim cutoffs.

minkpink beach 2

xo Rae