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minkpink beach

More Clothes for More Heat

I didn’t want to, but I have been considering reverting back to my old ways. Before Miami, I would not wear shorts. Long legs and healthy curves warrant enough attention without wearing shorts. Obviously that changed in South Florida, where everyone is naked and curvy, but I’m back now and the thought of being on the train in cutoffs gives me literal anxiety. I need a cover up for my clothes.

The fact that the very 90s, shirt tied around the waist look is back(ish) has been helpful and I’ve done it handful of times although I actually kind of hate it. In my opinion, it just isn’t flattering. My best option is something, long and flowy without adding too much weight/heat. The goal is to wear more clothes,  stay breezy and not melt.

Saturday, I checked out the new Nordstrom’s Rack in Brooklyn. Being that is was my first time, I obviously went to the dressing rooms with an armful of possibilities. I walked out with one that solves my problem with shorts.

From the Austalian brand, MINKPINK, this lacy, fringy perfection is was only $40 from $110.  Although, it works as a cover up over a bathing suit on a perfect, breezy Sunday at the beach, I will definitely be wearing this on the upcoming, unbearably hot summer nights and bring back my favorite denim cutoffs.

minkpink beach 2

xo Rae


Chalk Point Kitchen

You’re really making me look good Chalk Point. The week you opened, I brought my close friend, who also just relocated from south Florida, and his sister for his birthday. We couldn’t get a reservation but I thought The Handy Bar would be a spot he’d like. Sure enough, he was thoroughly impressed with everything, from the look and feel, right down to your metal straws. Further, the maitre’d asked if we were still interested in dinner. I’m really looking good now, because you had a table for us. THEN, this came on and subsequently the siblings’ father has been playing Mr. Caldwell their whole lives. With you, it’s like I already won.

Dinner was fantastic, so fantastic that when my cousin came down to the city from upstate for work on her birthday, you were my number one draft pick. She said her priority was “a good feel” and when I sent her the menu she immediately obliged.

Ok, I need to stop listening to Bobby Caldwell before I write an entire love letter to Chalk Point. Let me break down this birthday dinner my cousin, her boss and I had. First, I ordered the cosmo and judged myself, the 90s and Sex & the City ended, awhile ago. In my defense, this was not your average cosmo it was THE Honey Almond Cosmo, made with HONEY vodka. My move for the summer will now be honey vodka and everything. There is also a selection of beers, wines and really well executed drink menus, at each the dining room upstairs and The Handy Bar below.


We ordered three small shares or appetizers, the artic char tar tar, the avocado and crab salad (a special I believe?) and the mussels in kimchi. If I can make a recommendation to Chalk Point, warn people about the mussels and bring them out as the last appetizer. Everything was delicious and memorable however, these mussels were so next level as I sit in my bed and think about them, I can only compare them to the proverbial ‘one that got away’, simply because I don’t have a bowl next to me right now and I am definitely feeling some type of way in their absence. They were so incredible, it was the first and last dish on the table and we (being Italian) had to request extra bread for the sauce. I believe my cousin said she wanted to have it at home to “put on everything, even pb&j sandwiches.” Essentially, I could go on and on and on about the food, but the beauty of farm to table is the menu is constantly changing. For example, my dinner, clams in a deconstructed chili was not on the menu and as Dani (our very friendly, babe of a waitress) explained, the chef felt like trying this instead on the clams entree on the menu. Do not pass up the opportunity to try dessert either. My favorite thus far is includes popcorn over ice cream. If your date is cool, they will take you, if they aren’t, I’ll go with you. You just have to get there, immediately.

xo Rae

photo credit: Villiage Voice and Women’s Wear Daily


Turn Down for This

With my first summer in NY finally reaching a resemblance of that Miami heat, I finally turned on the AC.  In a conscious effort to slow the ef down and remain cool with NY’s overall lack of appreciation for air conditioning (or ConEd’s lack of respect), I put together a playlist of my current transit music. Turn down for this.