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Influence for Impulse

The 90s glorified the bodies of supermodels like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. High-waisted jeans may have been a thing then but the tiny Baywatch booty was the desired. Conveniently, this was pre-puberty, allowing me to get through to the early 2000s when rappers sang and my favorite R&B/Pop princesses ruled the airwaves slowly adjusting views of ideal body types. Enter, JLo and later Beyonce and the “thick” girls have made it mainstream. Thank God. 

They made way for bodies like Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Iggy Azalea. Those of us with similar figures are gaining a wider variety of influences for our own personal style. As I mentioned before, it is difficult and borderline delusional for me to get caught up in too many “trends” but with women like the aforementioned setting them, I can definitely get down. One of the more modest looks among them, with Kim K in particular murdering the silhouette, is the defined waist and longer skirt than normal (because thighs). kim k iggy


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So, I too decided to try the longer, fitted dress.

IMG_1447blogedit IMG_1404blogedit

I walked into the Soho Zara, saw the cut, didn’t even try it on and picked it up for $50. I still stand by choosing clothes that are flattering for your body but if you know some staple cuts that compliment your body, it’s easy.

xo Rae

Take me shopping and give me cake

What every girl wants right? Whatever, that’s not what I meant. I mean, I regularly accompany my friends to shop for them, not me (shocking, I know). However, on this day, it was a desire for cake that led to impulse purchases.

As my girl friend and I were heading to my favorite Bedstuy cafe, Ms. Dahlia’s, to split a slice of their life-changing cake (but really), we walked by Installation Brooklyn, the vintage shop where I picked up some my winter’s finest. I spotted an old Guess Jeans logo as we passed by. Cake could wait. Unfortunately, these perfect high-waisted, button fly, cutoff Guess denim shorts did not appear to be my size. I handed them to my friend and pointed her in the direction of where she could try them on. They fit perfect. At $25 I would’ve openly threatened our friendship had she considered not buying them.

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And we got the cake.

xo Rae

brugal bar set up

60 minutes

Last week I attended an incredibly well executed event for FREE and definitely feel inclined to share.

Over two weeks ago, NYNightlife tweeted about a Brugal Rum event. Upon clicking through, there were maybe eight days worth of hour long slots to sign up for and they were RAPIDLY filling up. I forwarded the link along to my girl friend and signed up.

Let me tell you about this 60 minute experiential marketing adventure Brugal Rum took me on. So I sign up for this thing. It’s an hour long and is at the Dream Downtown. Upon arrival, they request I pull up my confirmation email and scan my QR code. I am given a number and directed to enter the first room. There are some photo op, instagrammable backdrops on either side of the bar where we pick up our first drink and enjoy a variety of passed hors d’vours. As the room begins to fill, they lead our ‘group’ to the second room, where there are places set at round tables that include samples of the three types of Brugal rum and some complimenting treats like almonds, apricots and dark chocolate.

We watch a short video about the production of Brugal rum in DR and continue on to the tasting portion led by a brand ambassador. We move on to the final room where they have mini bartenders stations for everyone. There, two local mixologists lead us through crafting a REAL daiquiri. It was fun, an hour long, we left buzzy and I definitely learned a lot about rum.


I’m not positive if I was more interested in the rum as a consumer or the brand and their strategy but regardless, I’m here telling you about it and definitely recommend trying to attend their events, look to them for sponsorship for your own events or simply try Brugal.

xo Rae

Combo #1

A few of my favorite combinations include champagne and sunrises, puppies and froyo, boys that are mixed (for now), and insomnia and Instagram but most importantly, I believe I’ve determined my favorite combination of clothes. After surviving a sample of all four seasons my favorite wardrobe combination is leather, denim, a cotton t-shirt and sneakers, primarily chucks as of late.

IMG_1191blog edit

No, this isn’t my leather jacket from Gilt that I got for over $300 off. This is the LATEST. From Guvnor’s in Park Slope, which will soon be online only, I picked up this very 80s, real leather jacket. Since they are going to be an online only retailer soon they are (still) having an ongoing sale get rid of some of their inventory thus allowing me to get this jacket for $35. It ends this Sunday, May 18 at their Grand Closing Party, details here.

I also like sales and sharing.

xo Rae



I play to win

In 1986, the NCAA College Football Coca Cola Classic was played in Tokyo. Apparently, the Wheat Street Baptist Church Choir was in the building. Twenty-eight years later, one of the choir jackets in perfect condition made it to Brooklyn.

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through Twitter and saw Nifty Thrifty tweet that the first four people to email them a link of something from their site that they were wishing for could have it. They were just going to send it for free. I obviously wasted no time. Plan of attack, with vintage having unpredictable sizing I thought, outwear. Next, something I really liked but was more than what I’d prob pay for it and perhaps a little outside my norm. Done.




My Twitter obsession and ability to know what I want immediately finally paid off. I won. I saved $85 on this vintage Wheat Street Baptist Church Choir jacket from the 1986 Coca Cola Classic.

Thanks Nifty Thrifty!

xo Rae