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I’m an aspiring adult too

Another thing I’ve noticed about New York, it seems that my friends and acquaintances are far more brand conscious with their clothing, footwear, accessories, etc. I’d say I notice it more largely because Miami is a less than notable fashion forward city. Let’s be real.

With that being said, it’s New York and I get it. You still won’t find me carrying a signature Louie bag and I prob won’t being purchasing an HBA black long sleeve t-shirt any time soon. Personally, it comes down to the look I am going for and the fit. However, when my mom suggested going to a store she frequents at home I thought, I will humor her but it’s unlikely I’ll find anything. WRONG, obviously, because moms are usually right and that’s the bottom line.

Another thing I failed to recognize, was I definitely needed new “grown up” clothes. I own a lot of crops and for whatever reason there are still plenty of occasions where I need a longer shirt. So, I got these drawstring pants and this sweater. I wore a heart printed button up under the sweater and they are all from the same store. Guess where.

ann taylor outfit grid ann taylor

Ann Taylor LOFT, who knew right? AND all of their sale items would 60% off. The moral of the story is, keep an open mind, even for your wardrobe and listen to your mother.

xo Rae